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Tata have recently revealed the 2023 Tata Harrier facelift SUV. Besides a new interior and exterior design, it also brings a host of new features. In this article, we’ll take a look at the full list comprising of 18 new features of the Tata Harrier 2023 facelift.

2023 Tata Harrier Facelift

1. Paddle Shifters: The Harrier retains the same 2.0L diesel engine with same transmission options and same power/torque figures. But, the automatic transmission variants will now also get paddle shifters as they are becoming fairly common. Recently, we also saw this feature for the first time with an AMT automatic in the Hyundai Exter. So, we can say that the Harrier is finally catching up with the segment with paddle shifters.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control: While the Harrier got the ADAS features with the Red Dark edition earlier this year, shockingly, it lacked the most useful ADAS feature — Adaptive cruise control. Until recently, it was one of the few cars, which got ADAS but without adaptive cruise control. In this area also, Tata are playing catch up with the segment.

3. Lane Keep Assist: Along with the lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control becomes a very useful feature for cruising on the expressways and some highways in a comfortable and relaxed manner. This feature too is available in almost all cars with ADAS and now that the Harrier has it, it’s finally up there with its prime rivals like the Mahindra XUV700 and MG Hector.

4. Powered Tailgate with Handsfree Open: The older Harrier neither had a powered tailgate nor a hands free unlock. With the facelift, the Harrier 2023 gets the best implementation of a truly hands-free tailgate.

5. Dual-zone Auto AC: Now that even smaller SUVs like Kia Seltos and Harrier’s rival Mahindra XUV700 have dual-zone auto AC, with this new feature too, the Tata Harrier facelift is finally keeping up with the times.

6. New 4-spoke Steering With Backlit Logo: The backlit logo is something we could have expected from the Harrier 2023 as the Nexon also gets it. But the 4-spoke steering design is new and exclusively available with Safari and Harrier facelift.

7. LED Projector Headlamps: The Harrier earlier offered halogen projector headlamps in lower variants and HID projector headlamps in higher variants. HID is an older and more expensive lighting technology for cars and there aren’t many manufacturers making HID lights. With more suppliers of LED lighting, it helps with lower costs for headlamps without compromising on the style and road illumination.

8. Connected LED DRLs: Tata now offer connected LED headlamps in the Harrier facelift to accentuate its width from the front.

9. Connected LED Tail lamps: Around the back too, the connected LED tail lamps makes the Harrier look wider and it gives the car better stance and road presence.

10. Larger 12.3-inch Touchscreen: The older Harrier had 7-inch touchscreen in the lower variants and 10.25-inch in higher trims. This time around, the Harrier facelift is getting a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen.

11. Larger 10.25-inch Full-Colour LCD Instrument Cluster: Just like the touchscreen, the colour LCD instrument cluster has also grown in size to 10.25 inches, which should help with providing more information in a clearly-legible manner to you while driving.

12. 10-speaker JBL Sound System With Subwoofer: The older Harrier also offered JBL sound system but had a 9-speaker setup (4 speakers, 4 tweeters, 1 subwoofer). In addition to the 9 speakers like before, the 2023 Harrier facelift brings an extra dashboard-mounted centre stage speaker.

13. Front Parking Sensors: The addition of front parking sensors will make it easier to park the Harrier in tight spaces. Although, this feature isn’t ground breaking in any manner as several cars in this price range offer front parking sensors.

14. Rear Window Sunshades: The rear window shades /curtains is also not a big feature as the Seltos facelift gets it even in the base variant. But, it’s certainly a welcome addition and it should make it more comfortable for back seat passengers.

15. Cooled Storage (Under Front Armrest): Surprisingly, the Harrier didn’t offer cooled storage in any variant while many other smaller cars like the Hyundai i20 and even the smaller Grand i10 Nios have this feature. The 2023 Harrier gets cooled storage under the front armrest and now covers the bases quite well.

16. Knee Airbag: This is a feature, which will put the Harrier a step ahead of some of its rivals as the XUV700 is the only other car under Rs. 30.0 lakh to offer this feature. Only a few of our readers would remember that the XUV300 also offered this feature but later dropped it; perhaps because of poor awareness among buyers.

17. Round Display For Terrain Mode Selector Knob: The terrain mode selector knob of the Harrier 2023 also gets a round display like that of a smart watch. It selects the currently selected mode and the other options you can select like Wet/Rain and Normal/Road. While it doesn’t add to the functionality of the Harrier in any manner, it certainly looks cool.

18. 45W Fast USB C Charger: As more and more people have phones with fast-charging capabilities, the inclusion of a 45W USB-C port will make it natural for owners to expect the same level of charging speed from their car as their wall charger at home.

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