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    Auto Expo 2018: The spotlight is on all-electric cars and concepts

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, Feb 13 2018

    The 14th edition Auto Expo is a gala affair of a multitude of electric cars and concepts. Electric and other green cars are the focus of the Auto Expo 2018 just like other global auto shows.

    With the hope that India’s vision of having a mostly green auto industry by 2030 becomes a reality, let’s take a look at the most interesting all-electric cars and concepts at the Auto Expo 2018.

    Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ

    The one that grabbed most eyeballs. The Concept EQ is a highly futuristic stunning autonomous and fully connected all-electric SUV. It is packed to the brimmed with everything that we saw in cars in sci-fi movies - swiveling seats, retracting steering wheel, amplified reality screens. This stunner also breaks the barriers of EVs with over 400ps of power and 500kms of range.  

    Honda: Sports EV, NeuV concepts

    Honda snatched a lot of the expo’s limelight with its great EVs. The Honda Sports is a sports tourer EV concept that stole many hearts with its retro-future styling.

    The NeuV concept is a futuristic twist on a hatch-wagon which will be fitting in the ride sharing fleet in future. Both are based on the highly praised Urban EV Concept and pack in all latest buzz words - autonomous driving capabilities, AI, humongous curved OLED display and that tons more.


    Hyundai: Ioniq, Kona

    The Ioniq is an impressive attention grabber. The highly versatile Ioniq is autonomous and connected and its platform can accommodate any type of powertrain. It is beong studied for the Indian market.

    The Kona compact SUV was showcased in its sealed prototype form and is also being considered for India.

    BMW i3s

    The flashy i3s luxury hatchback model which will launch in India this year, is expected to come in its all-electric avatar. Thus, this might be the all-electric first luxury car in India. 

    Renault: Zoe, Trezor concept

    The Zoe is a compact electric hatchback that is being considered for India, and it is at the expo to get potential customer feedback.

    The Trezor Concept is radically designed with no doors and a canopy top for accessing is flashy red interior.


    Suzuki e-Survivor concept

    The e-Survivor concept is the first preview of the versatile platform that will underpin the company’s future EVs. The concept’s durable ladder frame chassis, all-electric powertrain and driver assist systems will make it to the Indian EV market, although we can’t say the same about its styling.

    Tata Motors: Tigor, Tiago, TaMo RaceMo EVs

    Tata Motors went big on EV with its Tiago hatch and Tigor sedan’s EV versions.

    On the other hand, the fascinating TaMo RaceMo race car’s all-electric avatar became the showstopper for the company.

    Mahindra: e-KUV100 NXT, e2O NXT, Udo and Atom EV concepts

    Mahindra being the only current EV maker in India obviously flexed its muscles with its EVs. Its long range of EVs on show included KUV100’s electric version - e-KUV100, the all new e2O NXT and the Udo and Atom EV concepts.

    Kia Soul EV

    New entrant South Korean Kia Motors displayed its Soul EV as a part of its 16 car global lineup at the Auto Expo 2018. The Kia Soul electric hatchback might launch in India as a mass market affordable offering.



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