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    BMW X4 To Be Launched In India In 2019

    by Swati Sanchayi on Friday, Jun 29 2018

    BMW X4 Main

    German luxury automaker BMW is all set to launch the next- gen X4 in the Indian market in 2019. Though, the official launch date is still not confirmed, as it’s too early to talk about that, but the automaker has confirmed the launch to happen sometime in 2019 in the Indian market. The new BMW X4 was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show and BMW will ship in the X4 as a CKD model in India that will be locally assembled at BMW’s Chennai plant.

    Essentially the coupe version of the BMW X3 SUV and being termed as a SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle-as BMW likes to call it, the upcoming second– generation X4 follows the footsteps of its elder sibling BMW X6 and has officially put the foundation for BMW for a whole new niche segment. The upcoming BMW X4 gets underpinned by the same Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform as the X3, shedding the weight of 50 kg. In terms of dimension, the midsize SUV-coupe will be 81mm longer, 37mm wider and is both longer and wider than the X3.

    BMW X4 Interior
    BMW X4 Exterior
    BMW X4 Exterior
    BMW X4 Exterior
    BMW X4 Exterior
    BMW X4 Exterior
    BMW X4 Exterior


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