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    Ferrari 488 spied testing silently indicating hybrid powertrain under skin

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Apr 05 2018

    A Ferrari model was recently spotted testing at the sports behemoth’s personal race track in Maranello. The video of the partially camouflaged Ferrari was posted on YouTube. What is very interesting about this spied Ferrari model is that it was testing quite silently on the track, which is highly unlikely of any Ferrari. The Italian sports car brand is famous for its racy, power pact vehicles with loud engine notes to please the sports car lovers. The lack of the engine growl in the recently spotted Ferrari has thus, come as a great surprise and has set the rumour mills on fire.

    The spy footage of the testing Ferrari model shows the moment when its takes Turn 2 of the famed race track, before coming to a complete halt before the Turn 1, which leads to the pits. Soon after this, the car is shown to accelerate fast and race down the track without making any audible sound. There is no tyre noise as well, which indicates that the launch sequence was not performed to make the car zoom into acceleration, but at the same time t is also apparent that it was not a regular city car sort of start. By the way, the semi-camouflaged Ferrari that is in question looked like a Ferrari 488.

    The lack of the famous Ferrari engine growl in the track testing model has given rise to the speculations that the iconic Italian auto major might be considering a hybrid version of the 488 GTB. In the current times when the fuel efficient and more environment friendly cars are all the range and also the need of the hour, it will not be a great surprise if Ferrari adopts the hybrid technology which is easier on the environment, if not fully green. Going ahead in the future it will also not be a surprise, if Ferrari also starts rolling out zero emission all-electric sports cars, as that’s actually where the global auto industry is heading to.

    However, it is too early to say anything certainly, as Ferrari might be also simply conducting a powertrain testing in its latest mid-engine platform. Nevertheless, as per some earlier reports, all the Ferrari models will be getting equipped with hybrid powertrains by next year (2019). If that is the case, then the upcoming first ever Ferrari sports SUV might be the perfect model to pack in a hybrid powertrain.

    However, the hybrid technology is nothing absolutely new to the Ferrari brand name, as the Italian marque’s range topping hypercar, LaFerrari and Formula 1 championship racer SF71H, both boast of hi-tech hybrid powertrains along with high-end kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS). With the enhancements in the electrified technology over the time, the other models down the ladder of the Ferrari lineup will also surely boast of advance hybrid powertrains, and one such examples was probably caught testing on the Maranello track.

    If, in future Ferrari goes all hybrid and even all-electric, then the sports car fanatics will certainly miss the sweet sound of the powerful engines. But who knows, Ferrari could do something to retain the sound (via sound simulation) despite the silent engines. Only future will tell.



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