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    FMSCI INRC 2018: Volkswagen Polo And Polo R2 Lead With 37 Podium Finishes

    by Swati Sanchayi on Tuesday, Feb 12 2019

    Volkswagen Motorsport India had a fabulous kept running in the 2018 period of the FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship. The FMSCI INRC 2018 season was an energizing one for Volkswagen Polo and Polo R2, which verified 37 platform positions and 10 triumphs by and large in Overall, INRC 1, INRC 2 and INRC 3 classes.

    Commenting on the amazing performance, Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India said, “2018 has been a brilliant year for us. I am extremely happy to see the Polo being successful across categories, especially bagging the INRC 2 and INRC 3 titles. There was a lot of learning for the teams and the drivers through the year, including for us at the factory. Our Polo R2 ran superbly and grabbed podium in each of its entry and that speaks volumes of its potential.” He further added, “We are now all set to build rally cars for our customers across INRC 1, INRC 2 and INRC 3 category and deliver them before the start of the season.”


    Fruitful Year for Customer Sport:

    Running the Volkswagen Polo, groups Arka Motorsports, Snap Racing and Team Champions gave each other an extreme challenge in INRC 2. Guiding the Volkswagen Polo, Karna Kadur from Arka Motorsports kept the general title holding till the last round as he sought the best distinctions. Before the finish of the period, Karna verified three successes and five platforms in INRC 2 classification for his group, in this manner accepting the INRC 2 title also. INRC 3 saw Volkswagen Polo removing 14 from 15 conceivable platform completes as the year progressed, stamping a standout amongst the best excursion for a vehicle in a season.

    About Volkswagen Motorsport India' Customer Sport Program:

    Volkswagen Motorsport India's group broadens specialized help and parts backing to all the taking an interest Volkswagen vehicles amid the rounds of INRC. Volkswagen Motorsport India is the main industrial facility group that is supporting privateers with their specialized skill and extras by being available at different rounds of the title with its rally architects and professionals. With this program, Volkswagen Motorsport India is guaranteeing that littler groups approach the specialized expertise of the plant group.

    Astonishment platform for Volkswagen Motorsport India's Polo R2:

    Volkswagen Motorsport India likewise took an interest with a manufacturing plant prepared Polo R2 at three of the five rounds amid the season. Vicky Chandhok and co-driver Chandramouli entered the Chennai round, Akbar Ebrahim and co-driver Kumar Ramaswamy drove at the Coimbatore round while Sirish Chandran alongside co-driver Aniruddha Rangnekar directed the Polo R2 at the Kochi round. While Vicky Chandhok and Akbar Ebrahim brought the Polo R2 third spot in their separate passages, Sirish Chandran amazed everybody with a second spot in the INRC 1 classification in Kochi. Three passages and three platforms completes were a genuine amazement as every one of the three drivers were arousing after a long break from focused driving. The outcomes featured the capability of the Volkswagen Polo R2 vehicle with strong execution, spot-on taking care of and amazing unwavering quality.


    About Volkswagen Polo R2:

    Volkswagen India Motorsport group is building rally- spec autos that can be purchased by clients and groups contending in various classes of rally titles. Through this program, the Motorsport group goes for giving best spec autos that can possibly win. As a piece of this program, the group has manufactured a rally- spec Polo R2 and put to test in the INRC amid three rounds of 2018 season and stowing a platform complete each time.

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    MEB and ID Family are a piece of the Volkswagen Group's electric hostile, for which the organization is contributing around 30 billion euros by 2023. By 2025, the Group brands intend to build the quantity of their electric vehicles from six today to more than 50. Stay tuned to V3cars.com for further updates from Volkswagen.




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