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    Ford Shelby Cobra concept bought by an engineer who created it

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    A fascinating Ford concept car which went into oblivion has been recently bought by an engineer who was involved in its development process. The 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra concept car which was showcased at the 2004 North American International Auto Show in Detroit has been sold to engineer Chris Theodore. Theodore had helped in developing the Dodge Viper, Plymouth Prowler and 2004 Ford GT, and also led the team which created the Shelby Cobra concept. Now, Theodore is the sole owner of the Shelby Cobra concept car, but for a hefty price.

    Theodore took the car home after making the winning bid of a whopping $825,000 for it at a GAA charity auction. All the proceeds from the auction will be used for the restoration of the famed Fair Lane estate, the residence of Henry and Clara Ford.

    The 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra concept, as its name suggests drew inspiration from the ’60s Ford powered AC Cobra models. The concept is a contemporary version of the classic sports car and is roof-less, window-less and features no radio as well. Like the original Shelby Cobra models, the concept car is a neat, straightforward compact roadster that packs in a massive engine and was built for simply speeding.

    As per the listing of the auctioned concept car, it was “production-feasible” and under its bonnet packs in a massive 6.4 liter, DOHC, V-10 all-aluminum engine that is capable to offering a max power output of 605 horsepower. The concept is a mid-front engine model along with a rear transaxle. As a tribute to the original 427 ci V-8 motor that powered the bygone Shelby Cobras, this mill gets “velocity stack” which offer both aesthetic and performance upgrades.


    Not only the original Shelby Cobras, but the amazing Ford GT, which was new back in 2004, also served as an inspiration for the 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra concept. Similar to the Ford GT, the Shelby Cobra concept car comes with tough yet light aluminum frame and a suspension setup which is also similar to that of the GT. In fact that design and developing team responsible for creating the concept model used the GT as a blueprint in order to create this concept in a considerably less amount of time. Not only was it a concept model meant for display, but it was developed as a drivable car which was very much production ready. However, sadly the neat and smart Shelby Cobra concept, despite being so close to a production model, never made it to the actually production line, and was soon forgotten.

    Nevertheless, the concept car’s new owner is very happy to buy his own creation. Theodore told the media that it is a dream come true for him. He said that it is one of the last cars that he worked on at Ford. He is also planning to make the car roadworthy although it can’t be registered. He added by saying that the car is in beautiful condition and has been very well taken care of.




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