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    Limited Edition 2019 Tata Nexon Kraz Launched With Black-Orange Colour Combination

    by Jagdev Kalsi on Monday, Sep 09 2019

    Tata has launched the limited-edition 2019 Nexon Kraz (and Kraz+) in India. It is based on the Nexon XM and gets cosmetic updates in the form of orange elements on the outside and inside. The Nexon Kraz can be had in just one dual-tone exterior colour combination -- black-silver. The interior also features glossy black finish instead of silver insert on the dashboard. 2019 Nexon Kraz can be had with all the powertrain options that are on offer on the standard Nexon.




    Tata has introduced limited-edition 2019 Nexon Kraz (pronounced as “craze”) in India. The carmaker says that the Kraz edition celebrates 1 lakh unit sales of the Nexon. Nexon Kraz can be had with both petrol and diesel engine options, with both manual transmission and AMT. The prices of the 2019 Nexon, including Kraz variants, is as follows:


    Petrol & diesel engine with manual transmission



    Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)




    Nexon XE 

    Rs 6.58 lakh

    Rs 7.59 lakh

    Nexon XM

    Rs 7.49 lakh

    Rs 8.34 lakh

    Nexon KRAZ

    Rs 7.58 lakh

    Rs 8.48 lakh

    Nexon XT

    Rs 8.10 lakh

    Rs 8.91 lakh

    Nexon XT+

    Rs 8.17 lakh

    Rs 8.97 lakh

    Nexon XZ

    Rs 8.57 lakh

    Rs 9.50 lakh

    Nexon XZ+

    Rs 9.39 lakh

    Rs 10.19 lakh

    Nexon XZ+ Dual Tone

    Rs 9.60 lakh

    Rs 10.40 lakh




    Petrol & diesel engine with AMT



    Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)




    Nexon XMA

    Rs 8.09 lakh

    Rs 9.04 lakh

    Nexon KRAZ+

    Rs 8.18 lakh

    Rs 9.18 lakh

    Nexon XZA+

    Rs 9.99 lakh

    Rs 10.89 lakh

    Nexon XZA+ Dual Tone

    Rs 10.20 lakh

    Rs 11.10 lakh



    As can be seen from the prices above, the Nexon Kraz (and Kraz+) is based on the XM (and XMA) variant. In the case of petrol engine with both manual and automatic transmission, the Kraz (and Kraz+) costs Rs 9,000 more than the XM variant. In the case of diesel engine, however, the incremental price for the limited-run Kraz (and Kraz+) variant over XM (and XMA) is Rs 14,000.



    The Nexon Kraz is available in just one black exterior colour with silver roof. The limited-edition model gets orange (tangerine) elements on the alloy wheels, front grille and ORVMs.

    While the 2019 Nexon Kraz gets a dual-tone beige-black interior, Tata has replaced the silver trim of the dashboard and steering wheel with a glossy black trim on the Kraz. It also features orange inserts around air-con vents and orange-coloured stitching on the seats.

    Tata had introduced a similar limited-run Kraz version on the 2018 Nexon, and that model featured yellow contrast elements instead of the orange ones on the 2019 edition.

    As far as mechanicals are concerned, the Nexon Kraz features the same 1.5-litre diesel engine and 1.2-litre petrol engine as the standard model. Both the engines can be had with either a manual transmission or an AMT.

    Buying the Nexon in Kraz version would make sense for those who were wanting to buy the Nexon in the upcoming festive season. This version adds some exclusivity to the otherwise regular Nexon without any major increment in price. It would also attract those who like black cars, but had to buy the Nexon in some other exterior colour.



    Jagdev heads content for V3Cars. Apart from driving cars, he likes to keep an eye on the industry trends. He thinks he knows why Maruti Suzuki sells the most number of cars in India.


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