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    Mercedes-Benz EQC all-electric SUV’s official images released

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, Mar 06 2018

    German luxury auto major Mercedes-Benz has teased its much awaited upcoming EQC by releasing official images of the vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz EQC is the brand’s first all-electric SUV model. At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz had showcased the pre-production versions of the GLC F-CELL, the first electric vehicle to combine the fuel cell and plug-in battery technologies. This vehicle will be launched in the market next year and will be called the Mercedes-Benz EQC. It will be the first full battery-electric model from the company under its recently established electric sub-brand - EQ.

    The Mercedes-Benz EQC has been going on extensive road tests for quite some time now. A series of its test prototypes have successfully finished extreme weather or winter testing in northern Sweden, and Mercedes has also presented the official pictures of the EQC undergoing the rigorous testing. As a norm, all the new models from the house of Mercedes-Benz go through extensive testing, and that is even truer for the all-new vehicle models that come into being. For a Merc model to hit the production line from a concept version, the model is required to go through a series of very tough and thorough testing phase. The EQC for instance not only went through the harsh cold weather testing in northern Sweden, but it also has to pass a series of summer tests in southern Europe as well as in the USA, while the model is also going through rigorous endurance road tests across the globe, in order to ensure top-notch performance, safety and drive experience in any weather or road conditions anywhere in the world.


    The new upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC all-electric SUV model will be facing more than 500 individual tests before its production ready version comes into being. For the electric vehicles, the standard test procedure is also replaced with innumerable powertrain-specific tests which have been specifically developed for the new powertrains.

    While speaking on the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQC, the Chief Engineer at Mercedes-Benz EQ, Michael Kelz said that the EQC is the epitome of power, sportiness as well as utility value. The vehicle’s driving experience will also certainly thrill the Mercedes-Benz customers, owing to the all-wheel drive system apart from many other technologies, which can tune effectively in the extremely cold conditions of Sweden and on its frozen lakes. Other innovative technologies of the EQC vehicle include telematics, connectivity as well as charging systems that make the electric-SUV efficient and unique. The Mercedes-Benz EQC is heralding the beginning of a new era in the electric mobility system.

    Like all the auto majors in the world, Mercedes-Benz is also highly focused on the development of advanced and fascinating new electric vehicle models, as the EV segment is going to be the most rapidly growing space in the world’s automotive industry. Given the current environmental conditions across the world, the fully-electric cars and other zero-emission technology models are certainly the need of the hour. While EV models were considered full of restrictions previously, the upcoming luxury EV models from Mercedes-Benz and its market rivals are coming to completely negate this notion. 



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