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    Mercedes-Benz reveals EQA all-electric concept in a new trailer

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Jun 14 2018

    Mercedes Benz Main

    German luxury auto major, Mercedes-Benz has recently released a video clip of its EQA concept electric vehicle model’s drivable prototype. Mercedes-Benz has big plans to launch an armada of new EVs (electric vehicles) in near future for which the company created a new brand name – EQ. The first model to come under this new EV brand of Mercedes, will be the EQC SUV. The all electric EQC SUV is expected to come sometime in 2019, and will soon be followed by other EVs. The second all-electric model to come under the EQ brand name is expected to be the EQA.

    The EQA is a smaller compact EV model that is thought to be rivaling against the likes of the Tesla Model 3. The new upcoming EQA all-electric car will be the EV equivalent of the entry-level A-Class sedan in terms of class in the Mercedes-Benz’s lineup. However, the EQA is going to be an entirely new car with nothing in common with the Mercedes A-Class.

    Mercedes-Benz had first showcased the EQA compact EV as a concept model in Germany last year. At the time of its showcase, Mercedes-Benz revealed that the concept model will be hitting the production and went on to offer some more details on the actual EV.

    Mercedes Benz Exterior
    Mercedes Benz Exterior
    Mercedes Benz Exterior

    One of the details that is already known is that the new upcoming EQA will be drawing its juice from a battery pack that will be of up to 60 kWh capacity. This means that the new EQA is expected to offer a real world travel range of around 250 miles per full charge. It is also known that the EQA will be getting powered by twin electric motor setup, which would be offering a max power output of more than 268 hp. The fully electric car will offer optimal performance as it will come braced with All Wheel Drive (AWD) system. Along with robust performance, it will also be a fast car as it is expected to do the 0-60 mph sprint in about just 5 seconds, making it an all-rounder of a powerful, luxury EV.

    In the teaser video of the EQA compact luxury EV flaunts the car’s beautiful design with futuristic elements. The EQA e-hatchback will feature stunning blue LED stripes along its front, side profile and rear design, while the front fascia will also be graced with an LED panel replacing the conventional grille. The EQA shows regular side mirrors instead of cameras, unlike other futuristic concept cars. Nothing yet is known about the car’s cabin.

    Mercedes Benz Exterior
    Mercedes Benz Exterior
    Mercedes Benz Exterior
    Mercedes Benz Exterior

    Mercedes-Benz has also promised to offer the DC quick charging technology on the upcoming new EQA hatch, which would offer 62 miles of driving range with a bare minimal 10 minute quick charge, making things highly convenient.

    Apart from the EQC and EQA, Mercedes is also working to bring in the EQS, which will be the fully-electric equivalent of the S-class flagship sedan.

    Mercedes plans to launch 10 fully-electric cars in the EQ range by 2022, which will be a part of the company’s plan of bringing in 50 electrified vehicle models (including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell cars) by 2022. 



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