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    MG Gloster To Be Offered With Personalised Ownership Programs

    by Saransh Goyal on Monday, Oct 05 2020

    MG has unveiled its flagship SUV, the Gloster. While the bookings for the model are already open for a token amount of Rs 1 lakh, sales are expected to begin some time in October. While the SUV offers many firsts in terms of features, MG claims it will also be the first SUV in India to be offered with a customised ownership program. Christened “MY MG SHIELD”, the Gloster will get flexible after-sales needs based on the ownership period, kilometres covered and other preferences. MG claims a total of 200 combinations of after-sales service options will be offered on the Gloster.


    MG Gloster

    The Gloster will be offered with a standard 3+3+3 package. It includes 3 years/1 lakh km warranty, 3 years of RSA and 3 labour-free services. Along with this MG will also give 50,000 points to the buyer which can be redeemed against different iterations of extended warranty and RSA, protection plan and buyback plans. Here is a table for reference:

    Warranty Period

    Warranty Range

    RSA duration

    Protection Plan Period

    Protection Plan Type

    Buyback Plan

    3 years

    1 lakh km or unlimited km 

    3 years

    3 years/45K km

    Classic (Includes scheduled services excluding wear & tear)

    Premium (includes scheduled services + wear and tear. Excludes tyre and battery collision)  

    3 years/ 30K km & 50 per cent resale value

    4 years

    4 years

    4 years/60K km

    3 years/45K km & 50 per cent resale value

    5 years

    5 years

    5 years/75K km

    3 years/ 60K km & 50 per cent resale value

    Now here is the point distribution for the above mentioned after sales pack 


    Prices In Points

    Extended Warranty

    Up to 35,000 points


    Up to 4,791 points

    Protection Plan

    0 (free)

    Buyback plan

    0 (free)

    Total Package Value

    39,791 points

    Available Points

    50,000 points

    Remaining Points

    10,209 points

    It is to be noted that the remaining 10,209 points cannot be encashed and can be used to buy accessories and merchandise only. That said, the above-mentioned price is for maximum warranty (5 years/unlimited km) and RSA (5 years) and MG has not yet revealed the prices (points) for lower warranty and RSA packages. We expect them to be revealed at the time of launch.


    He is an automobile engineer who likes to write. A born Tifosi, he follows Formula 1 and likes to keep up with upcoming technologies in the world of cars. 

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