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    New Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow Concept Is A Futuristic Tribute To The Pas

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Aug 29 2018


    Mercedes-Benz has recently showcased its new EQ Silver Arrow concept model. As usual, this new Mercedes concept car is also fascinating with its impressive futuristic styling. However, the interesting fact is that the new Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow concept car model, complete with its futuristic design is actually a tribute to the company’s bygone W 125 race car, which had set the record of the fastest land-speed vehicle back in 1937 by travelling at a speed level of around 270 miles per hour on a public road. The W 125 race car’s record although set back in 1937 could not be broken by any other car until late last year by the Koenigsegg Agera.

    The EQ Silver Arrow concept is an all-electric one-seater model that joins an ever growing list of mesmerizing and larger-than-life concept model that Mercedes-Benz comes up with to be flaunted in advance of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance every year. The sad part is that none of these awesome concept models are meant to be getting anywhere close to production, and are created simply to showcase the brand’s creativity and design prowess. Nevertheless, the design head at Mercedes-Benz, Gorden Wagener says that these concept car models are useful to demonstrate how the company’s future models will look like.

    Mercedes Interior
    Mercedes Interior
    Mercedes Exterior

    Befitting its name, the EQ Silver Arrow concept car is an extremely long and sleek vehicle, which makes it rather impractical. It really embodies the concept of a silver arrow of a car with its length of over 17 feet long but just 3 feet deep. It comes complete with a carbon-fiber front splitter and side skirts which also gets a charming lighting strip. The concept car flaunts the EQ lettering prominently that glows with bright blue hue at the front of the rear wheels of the car, implying that the future will be ruled by such fascinating all-electric battery operated cars from Mercedes’ newly found EQ electric vehicle brand.

    Mercedes-Benz endowed the EQ Silver Arrow concept with the “Alubeam Silver” paint job which is also very similar to the paint job that was given to the original Silver Arrow car models. The futuristic, elongated concept model gets a hint of retro feel with its rear diffuser that seems to be taken straight from the vintage race cars, with an extendable spoiler which doubles up as an air brake as well by boosting wind resistance as the vehicle slows down.

    Mercedes Exterior
    Mercedes Exterior
    Mercedes Exterior
    Mercedes Exterior

    The cabin of the EQ Silver Arrow concept is as fascinating as that of the exterior, and things are kept very sophisticated, neat and classy with a beautiful amalgamation of the past and the future. It gets gray coloured suede sidewalls, classy aluminum and walnut trim, saddle brown leather seat upholstery with stars etched on them. The dashboard is an advanced curved 3D panoramic screen which can project images from behind the vehicle, while an integrated touchscreen is placed at the center of the steering wheel.

    As per Wagener, if the EQ Silver Arrow were to be ever put to production, it would generate a max power output of a hammering 738 hp, and its sleek rechargeable around 80 kWh battery would offer a driving range of over 250 miles. We sure wish that Mercedes-EQ would offer something like the EQ Silver Arrow concept in the future. 



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