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    New Nissan Leaf to play the star performer of the e-Share Mobi car-sharing service in Japanese

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Dec 13 2017

    The era of the future sustainable mobility system has begun. Although we are still a few years away to really experience highly advanced electric cars with fully automated driving capabilities, the process has definitely started, and we are moving towards the future automotive industry which will be ruled by greener, cleaner and highly intelligent cars. Moreover, car sharing services will also play a big role in the future mobility system. Car sharing service means multiple users have access to a car, which is owned by a third party. This is highly convenient, economical and most importantly highly sustainable way of transport. Car sharing services have kick-started in many parts of the world. Japanese auto major Nissan has started a car sharing service of its own to further expand the existing schemes in Japan.


    Nissan has recently announced that it will be introducing the Nissan e-Share Mobi car-sharing service in its home market early in 2018. This service comes with no membership fee and no fee related to the distance driven even. Moreover, there aren’t any membership cards also and a driver's license acts like an official membership card.

    The only thing that the drivers will have to pay is for the tolls. Each of the Nissan e-Share Mobi car will come with a card that will be covering the toll costs during the trips, but all the toll costs will be passed on to the driver. The company will be also cleaning the cars thoroughly on a regular basis when not in use, so when it comes to a new user he/she doesn’t have to be bothered with someone else's trash inside the car.

    As the name Nissan e-Share Mobi suggests, the shared cars will be all electric vehicles, and the very first vehicle to have been included in the program is of course the all new Nissan Leaf all-electric hatchback. The Leaf has been the most selling EV in the world, and its new generation model is all the more efficient, convenient and packed with great cutting-age technology. The all new Leaf is empowered with Nissan’s ProPilot semi-autonomous system. Thus, Nissan is offering a great opportunity to the Japanese urban citizens to experience the smart and technology laden new Nissan Leaf without buying it and not even having to pay a whole lot of money to rent it.


    The Nissan e-Share Mobi program will start at 30 different sharing stations which include Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kyoto and Osaka. The Japanese auto major wishes to expand the service to the other areas across the nation at a later date. However, there are yet no details regarding whether or not Nissan have any plans to offer the service in other countries outside Japan.

    The new generation 2018 Nissan Leaf is a big upgrade over first generation model. It offers an average range of around 150 miles, has a larger battery that can push the range over 225 miles and has a 147 hp electric motor, which is about 50 percent more powerful than that of the previous model.



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