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    New Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV gets rendered

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    British bespoke luxury auto giant, Rolls-Royce chose to go down the SUV road proving how powerful the SUV craze is in the current global market. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV is definitely the most radical decision that the mega-luxury brand has ever taken. Auto behemoths like Rolls-Royce don’t actually gel well with something like an SUV, but the sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are so much in vogue around the globe, that even the most iconic sports car and luxury car brands have joined the SUV bandwagon, and Rolls-Royce is the biggest proof of the humongous SUV trend. It is difficult for many to think what exactly would an SUV look like coming from the RR brand. Although the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV has been already caught testing on the roads a few times and we know that it will get a boxy traditional SUV silhouette, many are still wondering as to what exactly this luxury SUV will offer in terms of visual appeal.

    Considering the Rolls-Royce model lineup, from the Dawn to the Ghost, it had been easy to imagine how they will be, as they are essentially altered versions of the Phantom. The all new Phantom is already out there and boasts of new highly sophisticated lightweight platform that the company head revealed has been exclusively created for the Rolls-Royce models. The other models from the house of RR will eventually be underpinned by the same new platform, and the new upcoming Cullinan is also going to be based on the same. Rolls-Royce doesn’t like to refer to the Cullinan as an SUV, and in its bespoke language call it a ‘vehicle for all terrains’.


    Render artists have already tried to figure out how the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan would look like, but none of the renderings looks as believable as the latest one. The latest rendered image of the Cullinan looks realistic, as it looks like an SUV version of the new Phantom. The rendered Cullinan carries the exact same face of the Phantom, with design alterations to give it an SUV stance. Apart from sharing the platform and other parts, the Cullinan could very well take design cues from the Phantom as the rendering shows. Nevertheless, the rear design of the rendered Cullinan seems to be a bad thing, although the taller greenhouse and larger rear fenders are going to be featured in the real deal, we really hope that RR finds a much better way better way present them and makes the vehicle well proportionate from all the angles.

    Well, when the real vehicle is concerned, it is already known that Rolls-Royce claims it to become the embodiment of luxury SUVs in the world, much like the ultra luxury RR models which have their own class in the top luxury segment. However, in terms of ultra luxury SUVs, we already have the too good Bentayga, which is a difficult one to surpass. Nevertheless, the Rolls-Royce ‘vehicle for all terrains’ is certainly going to be a wonderful vehicle and we are all more than eager to behold the final product.



    Mahesh is a fan of compact, quirky and underrated vehicles that punch above their weight. Multix, Nano, Strom R3 and Navi are his favorites.

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