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    Nissan IMx KURO Electric Crossover Concept showcased at Geneva Motor Show 2018

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Mar 14 2018

    The crossovers and SUVs are the most trending vehicles in the global auto industry, apart from the obvious widespread rise of the electric cars empowered with fully autonomous technology. The SUV/crossovers have caught the fancy of the modern car buyers across the globe and the car makers are super busy working on crossovers in various shapes and sizes. As the electrified vehicles are the future of the automotive industry, car makers are increasingly bringing out SUVs and concept SUVs that are fully electric. Nissan being the maker of the world’s top selling electric car – the Leaf hatchback, is certainly working to excel in its electric vehicle (EV) making capabilities. Nissan has showcased its IMx KURO electric crossover concept at the International Motor Show 2018 in Geneva.

    Although in current times we see a lot of car concepts which look more like production ready prototypes, the new IMx KURO is an authentic concept which offers just a preview of what the future electric SUVs from the Japanese manufacturer would look like.


    The Nissan IMx KURO concept electric SUV was first unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show late last year, and now it made its European debut at Geneva. Kuro literally means black in Japanese, and the IMx KURO’s new version has been is now suitably dressed in new black trims and wheels and new dark grey exterior paint to fit its name. The concept has also been updated with a revised grille design.

    Nissan says that the IMx KURO concept has been designed to strengthen the bond between the car and the driver to offer a reliable partnership which provides a safer, more convenient and more fun drive experience. Some would wonder what Nissan means by car and driver relationship and a more exciting drive experience, as the IMx KURO comes with a fully autonomous technology, the level 5 autonomous version of Nissan ProPILOT technology. This is because the IMx KURO is not a fully driverless car and boasts of a fascinating B2V system.


    The B2V is a highly innovative, one of a kind technology in which the driver wears a device that is designed to measure the brain wave activity which is analyzed by the vehicle's artificial intelligence. This system can then anticipate the intended driving decisions of the driver, such as turning the steering wheel, moving up and down the speed levels, etc, but its intervention remains mostly imperceptible to the driver. The system actually improves the reaction times and makes manual driving safer and more precise, while the driver is given the idea that he/she is doing an impeccable job on the steering wheel. This whole idea would bring joy to the avid car driving folks who can’t think of a life not driving a car, while the future seems to be dominated by self driving or driver-less cars.

    The Nissan IMx KURO comes powered by twin electric motors along with AWD system offering 320 kW of power, a massive 700 Nm of torque and an impressive driving range of up to 600 km on a single charge.

    The sad part is, the IMx KURO is actually a concept and is not hitting the production line anytime soon.



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