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    Nissan Leaf Convertible created to commemorate 1 lakh sales milestone

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, May 29 2018

    Nissan Leaf Main

    The Nissan Leaf all-electric hatchback enjoys an iconic status. It can be called Nissan’s halo product, as it has been the most selling electric car in the world. The Nissan Leaf however is not a premium, sporty, flashy car, unlike some of the iconic cars from global car majors. The Leaf has won over the hearts of the global buyers for its practicality and affordability. Nissan has shown the world what a convenient, effortless and modern electric car can be like without being expensive. Thus, it is not surprising that the globally popular Nissan Leaf has achieved sales milestone of 1 lakh units in its home market, Japan.

    In order to celebrate this significant sales milestone, Nissan has created a one-of-a-kind Leaf Convertible, which looks really cool and funky. If the new-gen Nissan Leaf is a overall good looking, but a conventionally styled electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf Convertible is a looker with a twist.

    Nissan Leaf Exterior
    Nissan Leaf Exterior
    Nissan Leaf Exterior

    Nissan has also commemorated the huge feat in its home country with a forum that focused on the development of a "zero-emission society". Needless to mention, the special Nissan Leaf Convertible will remain a one-of-a-kind example and is not meant for sale. It is meant for display purpose and is expected to present itself at various auto shows.

    As already mentioned, the Nissan Leaf is the world's top selling electric vehicle model with more than 320,000 vehicles sold internationally since it first went on sale back in October, 2010.

    The second generation Nissan Leaf all-electric hatchback was launched in late 2017, and is a leap forward as compared to its predecessor. The new Leaf has a new attractive styling, added features, larger motor, longer range and a slew of intelligent technologies. The Leaf currently gets powered by a 40 kWh electric motor and offers a range of 378 km on a single charge. Its quick charging tech can charge the battery 0-80 percent in little over 30 minutes, making it highly convenient. However, Nissan has restricted a number of times that a Leaf's battery can undergo the quick charge process with short intervals to ensure minimal battery degradation. It is thought that Nissan is busy fixing this issue by working on a more powerful Leaf version with a 60 kWh motor with liquid-cooled batteries, as against the currently used air-cooled batteries.

    Nissan Leaf Exterior
    Nissan Leaf Exterior
    Nissan Leaf Exterior
    Nissan Leaf Exterior

    Having a great name for its EV building prowess (thanks to Leaf), Nissan is increasingly focusing on the EVs will be offering 8 new electric cars as part of its M.O.V.E. initiative by 2022. The Japanese auto major aims to sell more than 1 million all-electric and hybrids per year by the financial year of 2022.

    When the car market of India is concerned, the new-gen Nissan Leaf is being considered for our market. Although in talks for quite some time, Nissan is yet to confirm the launch of the new Leaf here. Whenever, the Nissan Leaf comes to India, it will come as a halo model of the brand and will most probably come as a fully imported car.



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