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    Nissan to commence testing autonomous taxi service in Japan in 2018

    by Mahesh Yadav on Thursday, Jan 18 2018

    The future automobile industry is all about electrified models and automated cars. All the auto majors of the world are highly busy working on their future models loaded with artificial intelligence, self-driving capability and zero-emission technology. The automotive behemoths are preparing big time with their upcoming new futuristic vehicles. The largely different and highly futuristic vehicles are thus, not a matter of distant future anymore and are about to become a really in just a few years time, as a whole lot of future-ready models from many auto majors are expected land-up by 2020-22. In this race to embrace the future and to get ready in tandem with the rapidly changing market situations, Japanese auto major Nissan is definitely not behind. Nissan is getting ready with its own green and intelligent driverless vehicles to be soon introduced to the market.


    Another future automotive trend is ride sharing. It is being said that well into the future people might not own any personal vehicle and they would primarily depend on shared rides which will be provided with highly proficient fully-electric and fully autonomous vehicles. Even if the shared ride services don’t become the sole medium of urban transportation system, it is certainly going to become a very important part of daily commutation after a few years of time. This would make things convenient and more economical for the commuters, while it would really help promote a sustainable transportation system, especially in the busy cities. Nissan is also working on automated cab services and is preparing to introduce it by around 2020.

    The Japanese auto major automated is planning to get its fully automated ride service to get operation in its home market by early 2020s. Nissan’s plan of action involves the commencement of a "public field test" for the Easy Ride service in Yokohama, Japan. For the successful fruition of its plans, Nissan has joined hands with the technology firm DeNa. Nissan is planning to make everything easy and convenient for the users and handle the entire process right from pick-up to final drop-off and payment through mobile application. There would be extra measures to please the passengers as well. If the users wish to take a detour to enjoy a scenic route to his/her destination, the ride service will provide such options as well.


    The Japanese auto majors have pulled up their socks and working round the clock to bring out their futuristic vehicles before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Nissan is also bracing up to introduce its advanced EVs, fully automated models and shared ride service around the same time to make most of the favorable time. Nissan has already tested is autonomous Leaf EV model in the U.K, while testing its self-driving Infiniti Q50 model in Japan’s busy highway. With all these testing in place, the Japanese car maker is now ready to begin its test rounds for its shared ride service, which it plans to commence in Japan in 2018.



    Mahesh is a fan of compact, quirky and underrated vehicles that punch above their weight. Multix, Nano, Strom R3 and Navi are his favorites.

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