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    Peugeot To Develop Electric Cars For The US

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, May 30 2018

    Peugeot Main

    Peugeot has announced its plans to develop as well as manufacture a range of electric vehicle models for the US car market by 2025. The French car maker has made this decision to cater to the demands in the booming electric vehicle (EV) market, which will only increase in the future, as the various nations slowly put a stop on the conventional fuel sipping cars. In order to achieve its EV making goal, Peugeot has formed partnership with Nidec, a Japanese manufacturer of electric motors. This newly formed joint venture (JV) will be looking into the design, development as well as the manufacturing aspects of the planned EV models. The Franco-Japanese JV will also handle the sale of electric traction motors.

    The newly formed collaboration between Peugeot and Nidec has been named as Nidec-PSA emotors. This new joint venture will be manufacturing high-performance traction motors meant for the electrified vehicles. Both Peugeot as well as Nidec will be investing heavily in this newly formed JV. Each company will be investing around 220 million Euros in order in order to successfully set-up this collaboration that will be supporting the electrification push in the global auto market.

    Peugeot Exterior
    Peugeot Exterior
    Peugeot Exterior

    The new JV will also create significant job opportunities. The new joint venture that has been formed among Peugeot and Nidec has already recruited around forty engineers. These newly hired engineers have already joined the JV which has been headquartered in Carrieres sous Poissy, near Paris. Thirty more engineers are expected to join the headquarters of the JV by the end of summer this. This team of newly recruited engineers will be handling the designing part of planned new traction electric motors, which will then be manufactured in Tremery production plant that is located in the Moselle area, in France. These upcoming new traction electric motors will go ahead to power pure electric vehicle models, mild hybrid cars as well as plug-in hybrid vehicle models.

    Peugeot announced in the month of January this year that the company will be offering electrification as an option on all its vehicle models across its product portfolio by 2025. To accomplish this huge task in this sort time period, the French car manufacturer has already announced an investment of a whopping $90 billion. Peugeot has taken this decision in keeping with the rapidly changing global car market that is moving towards complete zero-emission future.

    Peugeot Exterior
    Peugeot Exterior
    Peugeot Exterior
    Peugeot Exterior

    Many car makers around the world are forced to concentrate on manufacturing pure electric vehicles as well as other sustainable vehicles with some sort of electrification in order to meet stricter emission rules and to prepare to comply with the future regulations which aim towards curbing carbon dioxide emissions.

    By the year 2030, it is expected that around 80 percent of the global car maker’s vehicle models will be offering the ability to drive themselves (autonomous driving capability) under limited conditions, while over 10 percent of the vehicles are expected to have fully driver-less autonomous capabilities.



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