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    Renault Captur to launch in India within 2017 – officially announced

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    The Renault Captur has been a highly awaited upcoming car launch in the Indian market. The French auto maker has been testing the Captur SUV on the Indian roads for quite some time and the SUV has been spotted by the spy cameras on several occasions. While the Captur has been speculated to launch in India during this year’s festive season, nothing was confirmed. However, Renault India has recently announced that the company will be launching the Captur SUV in the car market of India within the current calendar year of 2017.

    As per Renault, the Captur is a premium compact SUV with a crossover DNA. The Renault Captur is already available in the global markets and is one of the largest selling crossover models in Europe. However, the European Captur is not going to launch in India, but its other version meant for the developing car markets. The India-bound model is known as the Kaptur in Russia and the Captur in Latin America. So far, the SUV was speculated to be called Captur/Kaptur in India in various reports, but now it has come to light, that it will be known as the ‘Captur’ in the Indian market.

    Renault India believes that focusing on the emerging car segments in the country is crucial for driving sales volumes and with the launch of the Captur compact SUV, the company is aiming to do exactly that. The SUV/crossover segment is an increasingly popular market in India and the modern Indian car buyers are leaning more towards the SUVs and crossovers. The French automaker will officially announce the exact date of the Captur in India in the next couple of months. Thus, the Renault Capture is not hitting the Indian market in the peak festive season that falling a bit earlier this year. Diwali falls in mid-October this year, but the Renault Capture is likely to launch in India only in the November-December period. Renault India has revealed that the company has a very aggressive plan for the launch of Captur in India in the coming months.

     The Renault Captur is a premium compact SUV which will be placed above the Renault Dusture compact SUV in India. While the India-spec Captur will be almost identical to the highly aggressive looking European model, it will be based on a different platform that the European counterpart. The India-spec Captur will be based on the Duster’s platform and will share many parts with it to keep price on check. The Captur is also expected to share the powertrains with the Duster in India, but will be much more aggressive looking and feature loaded than the latter. The Renault Captur will rival the Hyundai Creta and the likes in India.

    Renault India also announced that it has recently crossed the milestone of 300 dealerships in the country. The company’s focus on offering better access to the Renault products in tier 2 and tier 3 cities include the initiative called 'Passion on Wheels', which is a mobile showroom that travels to reach out to those customers who don’t have a Renault showroom in their city.



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