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    Revealed: BMW Vision iNext Autonomous SUV Concept

    by Swati Sanchayi on Thursday, Sep 20 2018

    BMW Main

    BMW has finally revealed the much anticipated all-electric Vision iNext concept. The production model electric SUV with advanced autonomous systems that will go on sale in 2021 and will provide the “building blocks” for the BMW Group’s future. The concept has been proposed as an electric alternative to an X5 kind-of- size of SUV, with serious autonomous, electric and different connected vehicle technologies.

    Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at the BMW Group, described iNext as “The iNEXT project will provide our building blocks for the future, from which the entire company and all of its brands are set to benefit. The BMW Vision iNEXT represents a new era of sheer driving pleasure. It underlines the leading role Germany plays in the future of mobility.”

    Referring to the SUV as Project i 2.0, BMW is planning to launch 25 new electrified vehicles with a dozen fully electric cars by 2025. In terms of design, the newly revealed Vision iNext concept gets the BMW's signature double-kidney grille, Liquid Greyrose Copper exterior with matte appearance, slim headlights, offered as an ‘intelligent panel’ that houses sensors required for autonomous driving and a 3D-printed pattern with a semi-luminescent covering designed to hint at the systems it comprises.

    BMW Interior
    BMW Interior
    BMW Interior
    BMW Exterior
    BMW Exterior
    BMW Exterior
    BMW Exterior


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