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    Tata Nano To Be Discontinued From April 2019

    by Swati Sanchayi on Tuesday, Feb 05 2019


    Tata Motors has declared that the Nano will be formally suspended soon. The prominent spending hatchback will meet its finish of creation and deals from April 2020. According to reports, the organization isn't prepared to invest any more in the once- dream project of Ratan Tata.  Obviously, Tata Motors has no plans to redesign the Nano's motor to meet the new BS-VI outflow standards which are viable from April 2020. The news was shared by Mayank Pareek, President- Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors.

    Commenting on the same, Mayank Pareek, President of Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, said, "Nano is produced at our Sanand plant (Gujarat) in January new safety norms came, in April some more new norms will come and in October new safety norms will come and BS- VI is going to happen from April 1 of 2020, so all products may not meet (BS- VI norms) and we may not invest in upgrading all the products and Nano is one of them. It was a challenge for auto makers as the Supreme Court guidelines do not allow car registrations other than BS- VI after April 1, 2020. Basically today we (Tata Motors) have 5 or 6 products (in passenger vehicle segment). They will be refurbished and modified. For Industry is the biggest challenge. BS- IV stock should become zero by April 1, 2020."

    Be that as it may, the choice is no longer in Tata Motors' hands. The attachment is going to be pulled on the Nano – initially named the 'Rs 1 lakh vehicle' – on account of new wellbeing standards that will be executed for this present year.

    Tata Nano Interior
    Tata Nano Interior
    Tata Nano Exterior

    Indeed, even before it can get to the October 1, 2019 due date for all vehicles to meet the refreshed accident test standards, the Tata Nano has another obstacle to manage. From April 1, 2019, all vehicles made in India need a non- freezing stopping mechanism (ABS), which the Nano does not – and won't – get. With interest nearly non- existent, it bodes well for Tata Motors to put resources into overhauling the Nano and giving it ABS toward an amazing finish cycle. Also, it is for this very reason the Nano will neither be moved up to meet the refreshed accident test standards nor meet the BS- VI outflow standards – the two of which will require a significantly greater venture. Thus, the necessitation of ABS will be the last blow for the Nano, and the vehicle will be ended in April 2019.

    Offers of the Nano – which was popular for being the least expensive new vehicle on the planet – hit a new low in June 2018, when Tata Motors sold only three models. Among July and December 2018, the organization found just 310 purchasers for the vehicle that was intended to move in the thousands consistently. Tottered by a few mishaps at an opportune time in its life, it was dependably a test for the Nano to catch the Indian purchaser's consideration.

    Tata Nano Exterior
    Tata Nano Exterior
    Tata Nano Exterior
    Tata Nano Exterior

    Tata Motors attempted various measures to give it a jolt. It incorporated the expansion of a power directing in 2014 and the consideration of an AMT with the 'GenX' refresh intended to make the Nano a skillful city vehicle. The organization is additionally said to have put Rs 400 crore in the advancement of the cutting edge Nano (codenamed 'Pelican'), which was to get an all the more dominant motor, an increasingly agreeable inside and in particular, a reinforced structure that would enable it to meet accident test standards – however the undertaking has been retired. It's in accordance with Tata Motors' new procedure of having a model range dependent on two stages just – Alfa and Omega.

    Presently with the Nano going to be consigned to the history books, Tata Motors is set to abandon the ultra- minimal effort section level portion altogether. What's more, with increasingly more first- time vehicle purchasers choosing more optimistic (and generally progressively costly) models, it appears to be improbable that some other carmaker will wander into the space that was, at one point in time, expected to end up a Tata fortress. Stay tuned to for further updates from Tata Motors.



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