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    Unveiled: Next-Gen Porsche 911

    by Swati Sanchayi on Monday, Dec 03 2018


    Porsche has unveiled the next- gen 911 at the ongoing LA Auto Show with the unveiling of the 911 Carrera S and 4S Coupe models. Codenamed as the 992, this is the eighth generation of the iconic Porsche 911 sports coupe. The next- gen 911 is more muscular than before and has an enhanced interior as well.

    Under the hood, the eighth generation Porsche 911 in the Carrera S and Carrera 4S variant come powered by the 3.0- litre turbocharged flat six engine. The engine now develops 444 bhp and 550 Nm of torque – a 30 bhp and 50 Nm advantage over the previous model. That increase in power is down to a new layout out for the turbos and intercooler, while the addition of a new exhaust system is said to produce less backpressure and improve flow. There is a new 8- speed PDK gearbox to send that power to the wheels and it allows the AWD Carrera 4S to do 0- 100 kmph in 3.6 seconds while the RWD Carrera S variant takes 3.7 seconds. These figures make these 992 911s 0.4 seconds quicker than their previous iterations.

    At the exterior, the 992 911 gets a noticeably more refined design, along with more muscular shape, having been widened by 1.77 inches, accommodating larger wheel wells for 20- inch rollers in the front and 21- inch wheels in the back. Complemented by a larger retractable rear wing, the 911's signature rear light bar is now available on both the rear and all- wheel drive trims. Additionally, the car also has electric door handles that appear only when needed.


    In terms of driving modes, Porsche has introduced a new ‘Wet’ mode which detects water on the road surface as standard that can readjust the control systems accordingly and warns the driver too. Porsche has also offered a number of clever technologies on the new 911 such as Night Vision Assist with a thermal imaging camera, adaptive cruise-control with stop-go function and an autonomous emergency assist features as well. However, all of these features are optional extras over the usual suite of safety systems that includes the warning and brake assist system that detects the risk of collision with a moving object and initiates emergency braking if necessary.

    At the inside, the newly revealed Porsche 911 gets the center- mounted analogue tachometer in classic Porsche style though now flanked by two low- profile frameless displays that make up the rest of the instrument panel. With just five toggle switches acting as the infotainment system's function keys, the center console is even more refined with the 992 911 Porsche. The 10.9- inch centre screen of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system along with a switch unit with five buttons for functions like traction control and Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control make the interior more function- able for the sports coupe.


    Also, the option to put the exhaust into loud mode now resides on the touchscreen interface now. Though Porsche offers Sports Chrono package with the 8th- gen 911, but if the customer doesn’t opt for the same then to get the steering mounted dial to change drive modes, one will have to use the touchscreen to toggle through them. The manufacturer has changed the gearstick for the PDK and now resembles more of an elongated toggle than a gear selector.

    Apart from these, the biggest change for the next- gen Porsche 911 comes in the form of an electrified version of the car. The automaker has already confirmed the same but the exact time of debut for the 911 electric version is not confirmed yet. Talking about the India launch, we can expect the Carrera S and Carrera 4S to arrive in India by the second half of 2019 for a premium over the existing model, which is priced at Rs 1.74 crore in the country. However, the German automaker doesn’t sell 911 Carrera 4S in the Indian market. Stay tuned to for further updates on the upcoming Porsche 911 in the Indian market.




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