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On the occasion of World EV Day, Tata Motors confirmed that they’ll bring 10 EVs to the market.  With some industry know-how and common sense, I’ll try and guesstimate which body styles and segments Tata are looking to target. So, here's the list of 10 upcoming Tata EVs that we can expect from the carmaker in the coming years. Let’s start with the smallest and the most affordable EV in Tata’s pipeline.

Tata EVs

1. B1-Segment Hatchback (Tata Tiago EV) - Update: Launched

The first and the most obvious one is the Tiago EV. Tata Motors recently announced that they’re bringing this car to the market and we’re expecting it to go on sale early in 2023 after a reveal in the coming months.

Tiago EV

Since the Tiago and Tigor share the powertrain, platform, features and even internal/external body panels. The Tigor EV is already on sale in the Indian market. So, it’s fairly safe to assume that the Tiago EV will share its powertrain, battery specs and range with the Tigor EV.

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2. B2-Segment Sedan (Tata Tigor EV Next-Gen)

Tigor EV

Here, I’m not not talking about the Tigor EV, which is already on sale. Instead, I’m looking farther into the future at the next-generation model of the Tigor EV, or whatever Tata decide to call it. Since the Tigor and Tigor EV have already established themselves in the market, we can expect the Tigor EV nameplate to continue for the next 5-7 years or so. I’m hoping that the next-gen B2-segment electric sedan might use a dedicated electric car platform instead of sharing it with the Tigor petrol.

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3. B1-Segment SUV/Crossover (Tata Punch EV)


Tata Motors showcased the Altroz EV at the 2020 Auto Expo. Once again, we have a car that shares its platform and powertrains with another. The Punch uses the same frame as the Altroz and if Tata have already thought of electrifying the Altroz, then offering an electric powertrain in the Punch should remain a solid possibility. This is even more likely to launch than the Altroz EV considering that the SUV and crossover body style are more in demand than hatchbacks and sedans.

4. B2-Segment Hatchback (Tata Altroz EV)

Altroz EV

While the demand side may convince us that the SUVs are taking priority in the launch pipeline, the R&D side gives me reasons to believe that the Altroz EV is closer to production than the Punch EV. Either of these 2 cars could go on sale first but if you ask me, I’ll place my bets on the Altroz EV as I have seen it in person at the Auto Expo. The Punch EV is only a guesstimate.

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5. B2-Segment SUV (Tata Nexon EV Prime/Max)

Nexon EV Max

The Nexon EV has been on sale for almost 3 years now. We should start expecting a thorough update for the Nexon EV by the end of 2023. It may share its platform with the Tata Curvv concept, which is a larger, C-segment, coupe SUV.

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6. C-Segment SUV (Tata Curvv EV)


While the Tata Curvv won’t use a dedicated EV platform, it may first go on sale as an EV with petrol and diesel options joining later to make the Curvv a little more affordable. With a lot of style points, the Curvv might be able to pull off a higher price point than the Mahindra XUV400, which is also a C-segment electric SUV. You can count on Tata to showcase the Curvv at the Auto Expo in near-production form. Apart from the XUV400, the Curvv EV will also compete with cars like the MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona.

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7. C-Segment MPV (Tata Avinya)


Tata have already revealed the Avinya concept EV. It puts its dedicated EV platform to good use with a spacious cabin. While the sedans look like they’re a dying breed in the C- and D-segment space, the MPVs are still holding their ground. The Avinya-based MPV not only holds strong potential in the personal MPV space but also in the commercial space, which looks like a promising option in terms of revenue and market share. Just look at the combined sales figures of the Maruti Ertiga and XL6 for any month to gauge the potential of a C-segment MPV.

8. 5-Seat D-Segment SUV (Tata Harrier or similar size)


Given the flexible nature of dedicated electric car platforms, we can expect the Avinya’s platform to also do duty in the D-segment electric SUV space. Tata Motors have already established themselves in the D-segment SUV category and an electric version will help them compete with the upcoming Mahindra BE 07 and XUV E.8 electric SUVs.

9. 7-Seat D-Segment SUV (Tata Safari or similar size)


If Mahindra are planning something in the D-segment electric SUV space, then we can count on Tata to challenge them. The Mahindra XUV E.9 and Mahindra BE 09 are large electric SUVs and their length suggests that they’ll have a 3-row seating layout with space for 7 occupants. The stretched-out Avinya platform could help Tata create a Mahindra fighter in this category.

10. D-Segment MPV (Toyota Innova or similar size)

Avinya Interior

Another place where a stretched electric car platform can help is in making an MPV. Toyota has ruled this segment with their diesel-powered, body-on-frame Innova MPV. The market is moving towards electric vehicles. And, when the potential Innova buyers look for an electric alternative, Tata Motors might have the right car ready to serve. This is another place where a stretched Avinya will help immensely, especially if the Avinya manages to establish itself.


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    After seeing the current line of tata motors ev segment and after announcing tata tiago ev, I think what tata motors is doing is launching ev products keeping in mind the product life cycle. As we know see tigor and tiago were launched in 2016 and nexon in 2017 but nexon is an exception as b-segment suvs are at high in indian market. So after tiago ev launch I'am 110% sure that altroz ev will be launched instead of punch ev followed by curvv and then next generation of nexon. Hope you all agree with me!!!.

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