2020 Hyundai Creta Bluelink Technology Features Explained

2020 Hyundai Creta Bluelink Technology Features Explained

The 2020 Hyundai Creta brings with it three brand new engines and 3 kinds of automatic transmissions, which have never been offered on the car before. Along with the mechanical upgrades, like our phones and laptops these days, the Creta also gets a serious software and tech upgrade in the form of Bluelink. It adds a bunch of features, which many Creta buyers will find useful. So, let’s get cracking and explain what your new Creta can do.


2020 Hyundai Creta

Bluelink Safety Features

The safety features of the Bluelink technology include:

  • Auto crash notification to emergency services, police and your predefined contacts
  • SOS Emergency assistance to manually initiate a call to get emergency services to your location
  • Roadside assistance
  • Panic button on the car’s remote to activate the car’s alarm and notify your favourite contacts
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system notifications in case the pressure is too low

Stolen Vehicle

The security features of the Bluelink allow you to:

  • Track your stolen vehicle
  • Get notification if the car’s alarm is activated
  • Immobilize the car’s engine if the vehicle is stolen

Remote Features

Using the Bluelink app, you can remotely:

  • Start/stop the engine
  • Set auto AC temperature
  • Lock/unlock car’s doors
  • Activate the car’s alarm
  • Check vehicle status (fuel capacity, AC settings, lock status, sunroof status, etc)
  • Enable/disable front seat ventilation
  • Enable/disable air purifier
  • Check air quality status
  • Vehicle Lock Status Alert (in case you accidently leave the door, boot, hood unlocked)
  • Find your car’s exact location
  • Share your car with a secondary user

Vehicle Relationship Management

The VRM features of the Creta with Bluelink include:

  • Auto system check and notification in case any important controller is malfunction on the car’s infotainment screen
  • Manual system check to diagnose if there’s a problem with any of the car’s controllers
  • Monthly health report to review the driving stats
  • Maintenance alert
  • Driving behaviour

Location Based Services

The location based services bundled with the Bluelink include:

  • Send destination to the car via Bluelink app on phone
  • Get help from the Bluelink representative and ask them to send the destination to your car’s infotainment system
  • Search for points of interests like restaurants, tourist spots, gas stations, etc.
  • Live traffic information
  • Share destination with your contacts through the infotainment system
  • Live car tracking from app
  • Destination fetched from your schedule based on your appointments in the calendar app
  • Live car location sharing with your contacts

Alert Services

The alert services in the Bluelink package include:

  • Geofence alert is sent to you if the car moves outside the pre-defined boundaries
  • Speed alert will notify you if your friend or family or driver is driving the car above a predefined speed limit
  • Time fencing alerts are available if the car is being driven outside of the predefined schedule
  • With the valet alert, you can set the time for which a valet can idle the car, speed limit and boundary in which the value can drive the car
  • Idle alert will send a notification if the car’s engine is running but the car’s not moving for more than a predefined duration

Natural Language Recognition

With the new natural language recognition, you can use voice commands to perform action in the car. Moreover, it works with Indian accents as well. Here’s what you can do with voice commands:

  • Use Hello Bluelink as wakeup phrase
  • Open/close sunroof
  • Set auto AC temperature, flow direction, enable/disable recirculation and set fan speed
  • Enable/disable front seat ventilation
  • Get live cricket scores
  • Public holidays information
  • Voice assist to call a contact in your phone book or dictate a number to call
  • Get weather updates
  • Set media controls (play/pause, mute, volume control, change radio station, change playback source, etc.)
  • Set destination for navigation
  • Ask for time and dates in various countries

Smartwatch Services

Bluelink app is also available on smartwatches with Google’s Wear OS or Galaxy watches. Here’s what you can do with the Bluelink smartwatch app:

  • Directly access Bluelink from the watchface by setting it as a complication
  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Remote engine start/stop
  • Sound alarm
  • Check vehicle status
  • Check cabin air quality and enable/disable air purifier
  • Get alerts for geofence, speed, idle exceed, valet, etc.


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