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    Engine Software Problem Leads To Recall 11,700 BMW Cars

    by Swati Sanchayi on Monday, Feb 26 2018

    German luxury automaker BMW has recalled 11,700 cars to fix their engine management software. The automaker recently discovered that the wrong programming had been installed on its luxury 5- and 7-Series models; hence, BMW has recalled the vehicles in order to fix the problem.

    A statement released by BMW says, "In the course of internal tests, the BMW Group has discovered that a correctly developed software update was mistakenly assigned to certain unsuitable model-versions." However, the automaker informed the relevant authorities immediately to take action and fix the software problem in the cars. The statement was issued by BMW after a report in news weekly Der Spiegel that it had installed software that manipulated emissions of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, something its management has always denied.

    According to BMW, the models affected were 5- and 7-Series cars made between 2012 and 2017 containing high-performance diesel engines and three turbo chargers. However, the location of the cars has not been confirmed by BMW but the company said it would cooperate with the relevant authorities on further steps.


    Not only BMW, but few days ago Volkswagen went through a multi-billion-dollar U.S. settlement after admitting installing so-called "defeat devices" on its diesel models designed to game emissions tests. The "Dieselgate" emissions scandal led VW to set aside 25.8 billion euros ($31.7 billion) to cover fines and related costs. The automaker settled the matter by paying out nearly 20 billion euros.

    However, according the BMW Spokesperson, he software had mistakenly been loaded into the engine control systems of vehicles fitted with six-cylinder engines, whose exhaust system "does not function optimally" in conjunction with the programme. Hence, they don’t consider the software to be a 'defeat device.

    One thing to understand here is that the so called "defeat devices" are deliberately designed to make cars appear less polluting in laboratory tests than in real on-road driving and unlike Volkswagen, BMW has so far managed to uphold a reputation for emissions honesty. Stay tuned to for further updates.



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