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    Ferrari 70th anniversary celebrated by London design museum’s ‘Ferrari: Under the Skin’ exhibit

    by V3Cars Team on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    Iconic sports car brand Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary and the brand is even being hailed by a London museum with a special exhibition as a tribute to the brand’s long heritage. The Design Museum in London is celebrating the 70th of the iconic Italian sports car maker with a special exhibition that is showcasing an estimated £140 million worth of Ferrari models.

    When it comes to the awesome exhibited Ferrari, of visitors of the exhibit are first captivated by an Ecurie Francorchamps Daytona placed in the entrance hall. The Ferrari timeline inside the exhibition actually starts with a recreated model of the very first Ferrari model - 125S, it then continues to showcase many of the other priceless models which went on to heighten the fame of the Ferrari brand. The display ends with the current LaFerrari Aperta model, which belongs to TV personality Gordon Ramsay.


    However, there’s much more to stare and gap up at in the special exhibition for all the Ferrari lovers and auto enthusiasts. Some special attractions of the include a 250LM shell that is suspended from the ceiling, an ex-Peter Collins 250GT PF Cabrio and the former Gianni Agnelli Testarossa which was transformed into a convertible by the famous Italian design firm Pininfarina. The star of the show was the 1961 250GT passo corto Sperimentale which participated at Le Mans in 1961 and managed to bag the trophy with Stirling Moss in the Daytona Continental 3 Hours in the following year.


    The exhibit is further made alluring and interesting for the visitors with a great selection of personal letters, celebrity photos, sketches, styling models, effects, engines on the stands. The most interesting among these include a wire frame of a GTO and wooden structures of the 365P and the 156. The wonderful showcases also offer a look at some of the race helmets from various Ferrari drivers which were witnesses of some of the legendary Ferrari wins, including those worn by the world champions such as Ascari, Hawthorn, Fangio, Hill, Scheckter, Surtees and Schumacher. 


    While commenting on this special exhibition, The Design Museum’s founder, Terence Conran said that the Ferrari story is really one of the greatest adventure stories of the industrial age and he is delighted to be able to tell it at The Design Museum.


    The Ferrari: Under The Skin exhibition is open for public on all days from 10 am and will be running till 15th of April, 2018. The exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for the Ferrari and all car lovers, but flash photography is not permitted at the expo, while taking pictures of any sort of the Lord Bamford’s 1963 250GTO is prohibited.



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