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    Ford partners with Domino's to test fully autonomous pizza delivery cars

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    Having a fresh hot pizza delivered is not less than pure joy for some. The sight of the pizza delivery boys is a pleasure in itself for some foodies. However, although the pizzas or for that matter any popular junk food is going nowhere in the near future, the jobs for the pizza delivery boys could be disappearing soon. This is because Domino’s Pizza is contemplating to employ self-driving cars to deliver pizzas, and for that it has joined hands with the American auto major, Ford. Ford Motor has partnered with Domino's Pizza Inc to test autonomous vehicles for pizza delivery. The two companies have announced that they will begin testing the Michigan consumers' reactions to having their pizzas delivered by self-driving cars instead of human pizza boys.

    However, it is not the first time that the advanced autonomous pizza delivery technology is being tested. Australia based Domino's Pizza Enterprises, the company's biggest independent franchisee has previously tested fully mechanical pizza delivery to customers in New Zealand by utilizing drones and robots.

    As we already know, several global auto majors are readying their autonomous or driver-less cars not only for personal vehicle segment, but also for the fleet segment where autonomous cars would be offering share rides to passengers without the need of a driver. Self-driving cars are expected to be used for various other services, and one of them is pizza delivery. Ford is also partnering with several companies and sectors to test its future autonomous cars before they actually officially launched in the market.


    The head of Ford's autonomous and electric vehicles, Sherif Marakby indicated the car major’s broader goals saying that the company has planned to cooperate with several partners to deploy its self-driving vehicles which are designed to enhance the movement of people as well as goods. Earlier, Ford executives had also revealed that the company is likely to launch a self-driving shuttle for commercial shared ride fleets in the year 2021.

    The joint venture between Domino's and Ford will begin testing the self-driving technology by delivering pizzas to the randomly selected customers in the Ann Arbor area. Ford Fusion Hybrid models equipped with the fully autonomous technology will be used for this purpose. To begin with, these delivery vehicles will be piloted by human drivers. The customers will be able to track their order delivery via GPS and notified text messages to retrieve their pizzas once the self-driving delivery vehicle has arrived.


    Several delivery services for fast foods, groceries and beverages have been contemplating the self-driving vehicles, including large organizations like Uber Technologies and Amazon.

    However, the self driving Ford test vehicles will not be delivering the order right to the door of the customer and the question remains how to get a solution of fully autonomous door-to-door delivery service, and deliver say, to a customer’s 6th floor apartment. With time, however we are sure that they will come up with the solution and thus, we can expect a grinning robot at our doors delivering pizzas instead of smiling human pizza delivery boys. Future is certainly not far!



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