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    Ford recalls 550,000 cars that run the risk of rolling away unexpectedly

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, Jul 24 2018


    American auto major Ford has voluntarily announced a huge recall of around 550,000 cars as well as SUV models in the car market of North America. The reason behind calling back such a massive number of vehicles is to inspect and fix a gearshift issue, which could potentially cause the vehicles to roll away unexpectedly, which is a highly risky factor.

    The latest Ford vehicle recall in the North American car market involves some of the Ford Fusion sedan models which were manufactured in the period from 2013 through 2016, while certain Ford Escape compact SUV models have been also affected by this recall, which have been manufactured between the period of 2013 and 2014.

    The American car major has stated that the company has discovered that a bushing which attaches the shifter cable to the transmission gearbox has the potential problem of coming off. In case this faulty bushing falls off, then even if the driver would shift into the parking mode, the vehicle could actually be in another gear. As a result, this could potentially make the vehicle roll away most unexpectedly, which will be highly increasing the risk of road injury or serious crash.

    Ford has stated that the company has voluntarily announced the recall to inspect and replace the potentially faulty auto part for the safety and security of its customers. However, the company has not yet received any such reports of any crashes or injuries due to this faulty auto part. The car major has also announced that it is advising the car owners to use the parking brake to avoid such risky situations, until all the recalled vehicles this current recall exercise have been fixed.

    The authorized Ford dealers will be notifying the owners of all the affected vehicles of the recall, as well as replacing the shifter bushing at absolutely no cost at all. All the owners of the affected vehicles of the recall will be notified by 30th of July, 2018. The parts with which the faulty part of the Ford vehicles will be replaced with should be available by the end of this July-September quarter.

    Ford has also recently announced a vehicle recall in the car market of India. The company has voluntarily recalled 5,397 units of the popular Ford EcoSport sub-4 meter compact SUV model in India. The recall has been announced to fix some potentially faulty weld integrity of the front lower control arm and faulty driver and front passenger seat recliner locks.

    Ford India stated that the company is inspecting 4,379 units of the EcoSport SUV that were manufactured in the Chennai facility between the months of May and June, 2017. The company also stated that the weld strength on some of the EcoSport units could be below the Ford quality standards and this could potentially affect the vehicle’s steering control.

    Apart from the 4,379 units of the Ford EcoSport, the company is also recalling 1,018 units of the EcoSport units to inspect and replace the potentially faulty driver and front passenger seat recliner locks. These EcoSport models have been manufactured between the time period of November and December 2017.

    All the recalled Ford EcoSport models in India will also be inspected and rectified at no cost.


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