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    Ford to push towards electrification

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    American auto major, Ford Motor is also pushing towards electrification like any other global auto major. The company is contemplating in bringing a Ford Escape hybrid model back in the form of a plug-in hybrid this time around. Ford also has plans to launch the hybrid models of its large SUVs.

    Ford Motor has also revealed that the company is investing a whopping $4.5 billion in order to develop the upcoming 13 hybrid models.

    As per the market experts, this is a crucial decision that Ford has taken as the entire global automotive industry makes a big move towards electrification. This would help Ford to keep a balance between their present and future product portfolio. The hybrid versions of the full-sized SUVs is also a clever decision, as Ford is trying to increase the fuel efficiency without having any range limitations to put off the buyers, as these SUVs are generally intended for long road trips and unbeated roads.

    The revised gasoline versions of the Expedition and Navigator will be launched towards the end of this year and grab more volumes as the demands for the large SUVs are predicted to grow immensely by 2022.

    In the meantime crossovers are highly popular as well and Ford’s plans to introduce plug-in hybrid models of its two compact crossovers in 2019. The plug-in Escape has been already spied and as per the sources Ford also plans to introduce a plug-in version of the MKC.


    Previously the Ford Escape hybrid model was offered for sale from 2004 to 2012, then Ford discontinued because of poor sales. Plug-in hybrid cars have limited ranges without using gasoline and are effective as city cars or vehicles to cover shorter distances, which could attract the tech-savvy younger buyers of the Escape and MKC.

    All the alternative powertrains have their advantages as well as disadvantages, there’s no one technology that’s a perfect solution for all as of yet, and the automakers have to take ample amount of risk to focus on any one technology.

    Ford believes that hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles will together play the primary place in the future.

    The American car major is also forming a separate brand to sell only its EVs in the car market of China. Ford has recently announced its joint venture with Anhui Zotye Automobile Co. to offer a new range of EVs in the Chinese market.



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