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    Honda Civic 2020 BS6 Diesel Launched In India - Prices, Engine Specs, Variants & Top Features

    by Mahesh Yadav on Friday, Jul 10 2020

    Honda Civic 2020 with BS6 diesel engine launched in India with a starting price of Rs. 20.75 lakh.


    2020 Honda Civic

    Here's the full price list, top features, engine specs and dimensions of this D1-segment sedan.

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    Honda Civic 2020 Price

    The starting price of the 2020 Honda Civic is Rs. 20.75 lakh. The most expensive variant of the Civic costs Rs. 22.35 lakh (ex-showroom). Here are the prices of the Civic petrol and diesel variants:

    Honda Civic 2020 - Ex-Showroom Price


    1.8L Petrol AT

    1.6L Diesel MT


    Rs. 17,93,900



    Rs. 19,44,900

    Rs. 20,74,899


    Rs. 21,24,900

    Rs. 22,34,899


    The diesel engine is only available in the top two variants - VX and ZX. The price jump for the diesel engine over the petrol variant is Rs. 1.3 lakh for VX and Rs. 90,000 for the ZX variant. At first glance, the price gap seems reasonable for such a big car from D-segment. But, it’s worth noting that the petrol model is available with automatic transmission, while the diesel engine gets a manual transmission.

    Normally, upgrading from a petrol MT to automatic or diesel MT costs about the same. If you assume about Rs. 1.2 lakh cost of the CVT, then you’re effectively paying around Rs. 2.2 - 2.5 lakh for upgrading to the diesel engine.

    In comparison, the Hyundai Elantra is not only offering the upgrade to the diesel engine at a reasonable cost but also a wider range of engine and transmission combinations to pick from. Here are the prices of the 2020 Hyundai Elantra BS6 petrol and diesel:

    Hyundai Elantra 2020 - Ex-Showroom Price


    2.0L Petrol MT

    2.0L Petrol AT

    1.5L Diesel MT

    1.5L Diesel AT


    Rs. 17,60,000

    Rs. 18,70,000

    Rs. 18,70,000


    SX (O)


    Rs. 19,55,000


    Rs. 20,65,000


    Perhaps the price you’re paying here is for the better performance of the diesel engine. With 300Nm of torque, the Civic diesel has an impressive torque-to-weight ratio of 221Nm/tonne. The BS6 2020 Elantra diesel’s torque-to-weight ratio is 179 and 184Nm/tonne for the manual and automatic transmissions, respectively.

    What Is The Price Of Honda Civic 2020 Petrol?

    The Civic 2020's petrol variants cost between Rs. 17.94 lakh and Rs. 21.25 lakh (ex-showroom).

    What Is The Price Of Honda Civic 2020 Diesel?

    The Civic 2020's diesel variants cost between Rs. 20.75 lakh and Rs. 22.35 lakh (ex-showroom).

    What Is The Top Model Of Civic 2020?

    The top variant of the 2020 Civic is ZX. There are 3 variants in total - V, VX and ZX.

    Honda Civic 2020 Engine Specifications

    The Honda Civic 2020 has a 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder normal petrol engine with a CVT automatic transmission. There's also a 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a 6-speed manual transmission.

    2020 Honda Civic - Engine Specifications

    Engine Type

    Normal Petrol

    Turbo Diesel








    141PS @ 6500rpm

    120PS @ 4000rpm


    174Nm @ 4300rpm

    300Nm @ 2000rpm

    Manual Transmission



    Automatic Transmission



    Manual Fuel Efficiency



    Automatic Fuel Efficiency



    What Is The Power And Torque Of Honda Civic 2020?

    The Honda Civic 2020 has a 1.8-litre normal petrol engine.  The 4-cylinder 1.8-litre normal petrol engine makes 141PS of power at 6500rpm and 174Nm of torque at 4300rpm. This engine is available with a CVT automatic transmission. The Civic also gets a 4-cylinder 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine, which makes 120PS of power at 4000rpm and 300Nm of torque at 2000rpm. This engine is available with a 6-speed manual transmission.

    What Is The Mileage Or Fuel Efficiency Of Honda Civic 2020?

    The 2020 Honda Civic's 1.8-litre normal petrol engine has a fuel efficiency/mileage figure of 16.5kmpl.

    The 2020 Honda Civic's 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine has a mileage/fuel efficiency figure of 23.9kmpl.

    Honda Civic 2020 Dimensions

    Honda Civic 2020 - Dimensions









    Boot Space

    430 litres

    Ground Clearance


    Fuel Tank

    47 litres

    Tyre Size (Base Variant)

    215/55 R16

    Tyre Size (Top Variant)

    215/50 R17

    What Are The Dimensions Of Honda Civic 2020?

    The Honda Civic 2020 is 4656mm long, 1799mm wide and 1433mm tall. A wider body results in better shoulder room inside the car while a higher roof makes it easier to get in and out of the car. The 2020 Civic has a wheelbase of 2700mm. The wheelbase is the distance between the centre of the front and rear wheels. A longer wheelbase usually means better legroom and better stability at high speeds. A shorter wheelbase makes a car very agile and eager to change directions.

    What Is The Boot Space Of Honda Civic 2020?

    The 2020 Civic has a boot space capacity of 430 litres. The fuel tank capacity of the Civic is 47 litres.

    What Is The Ground Clearance Of Honda Civic 2020?

    The 2020 Honda Civic has a ground clearance of 170 mm and its higher variants come with 215/50 R17 tyres. A higher ground clearance makes it easier to go over tall speed breakers or drive on broken roads without damaging the car's underbody.

    What Are The Competitors Of Honda Civic 2020?

    The main rivals of the 2020 Civic are Skoda Octavia, Toyota Corolla and Hyundai Elantra. Among these cars, the Elantra is the only one with petrol and diesel engine options. The Corolla Altis and Skoda Octavia are no longer available with a BS6 diesel engine. What’s more impressive about the Elantra is that it has a manual and automatic transmission option with both the engines.

    What Are The Top Features Of Honda Civic 2020?

    The top features of the Honda Civic are 7-inch full-colour screen instrument console, Electric sunroof, 2-zone climate control, cruise control, 6 airbags and 8-way power-adjustable driver seat.

    Does Civic 2020 have Sunroof?

    Yes, the Civic 2020 is available with a sunroof.

    Does Civic 2020 have Cruise Control?

    Yes, the Civic 2020 is available with the cruise control feature.

    Does Civic 2020 have Rear AC Vents?

    Yes, the Civic 2020 gets rear AC vents.

    Does Civic 2020 have a Touchscreen?

    Yes, the Civic 2020 is available with a touchscreen infotainment system.


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