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    Hyundai Kona Electric SUV India Launch In 2019

    by Swati Sanchayi on Wednesday, Jul 04 2018

    Hyundai Main

    South Korean automaker Hyundai has confirmed the launch of the Kona Electric SUV in India. The automaker is preparing to launch India’s first electric SUV in 2019 as Hyundai India announced that they would launch a total of 8 new vehicles in the next two years’, one of which would be an electric vehicle. The Electric SUV will make it to India through the CKD route only to be assembled at Hyundai’ Chennai plant and announcing the SUV for India, YK Koo - Managing Director, Hyundai India said that the product will be brought to India in a complete knocked down version (CKD) because they are not much assured of the success of EV products in the Indian market but to showcase that the automaker has the technology.

    According to the manufacturer, they are bringing this EV product as CKD to test the market as they need a clear picture from the government but they cannot wait. Still, they are waiting for a detailed road map to be proposed and developed by the Niti Aayog in the country. The new reports in the market say that Hyundai intends to have sold 1 crore cars in India by 2021, a target of which they are 20 lakh short.

    Hyundai Kona Exterior
    Hyundai Kona Exterior
    Hyundai Kona Exterior
    Hyundai Kona Exterior
    Hyundai Kona Exterior
    Hyundai Kona Exterior
    Hyundai Kona Exterior


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