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    Hyundai Reveals Official Prices Of 2020 Grand i10 Nios BS6

    by Mahesh Yadav on Wednesday, Feb 26 2020

    Hyundai has declared the final prices of the 2020 Grand i10 Nios BS6 on its official website.


    Grand i10 Nios BS6

    Here’s the price list:

    2020 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios BS6 Prices (Old vs New)

    Ex-showroom Delhi


    New Price

    Difference (approx)

    Old Price

    Era Petrol Manual

    Rs. 5.05 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 4.99 lakh

    Magna Petrol Manual

    Rs. 5.9 lakh

    Rs. 4,000

    Rs. 5.86 lakh

    Magna Petrol Automatic

    Rs. 6.43 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 6.38 lakh

    Sportz Petrol Manual

    Rs. 6.43 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 6.38 lakh

    Sportz Dual Tone Petrol Manual

    Rs. 6.73 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 6.68 lakh

    Sportz Petrol Automatic

    Rs. 7.03 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 6.98 lakh

    Asta Petrol Manual

    Rs. 7.19 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 7.14 lakh

    Magna Diesel Manual

    Rs. 6.75 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 6.7 lakh

    Sportz Diesel Automatic

    Rs. 7.9 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 7.85 lakh

    Asta Diesel Manual

    Rs. 8.05 lakh

    Rs. 5,000

    Rs. 8.0 lakh


    The price list suggests that there’s a standard price increase of around Rs. 5,000 compared to the prices of the BS4 Nios. This is positively shocking considering the popular opinion in 2018 and 2019 suggesting that small diesel cars could become far costlier after the BS6 update. Hyundai has only increased the prices of the diesel range by Rs. 5,000. The Grand i10 Nios maintains the price gap of about Rs. 85,000 even after the BS6 update. This should come as a relief for buyers who want a small hatchback with a diesel engine for excessive running.

    In addition, Hyundai has also added the 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine as an option to the Grand i10 Nios. The turbocharged engine is available only in Sportz and Sportz dual-tone variants. It costs Rs. 7.68 lakh in single tone colour and Rs. 7.73 lakh with the dual-tone paint scheme. The price increase is about Rs. 1.25 lakh over the Sportz single tone with 1.2-litre petrol engine. Compared to the Sportz petrol dual-tone, the Turbo is only Rs. 1.0 lakh more expensive.

    Here are the colour options for the 2020 Nios Turbo:

    • Red with black roof
    • White with black roof
    • White
    • Dark teal


    Mahesh is a fan of compact, quirky and underrated vehicles that punch above their weight. Multix, Nano, Strom R3 and Navi are his favorites.

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