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    Jaguar planning for a new sedan portfolio

    by Monalisa Saha on Saturday, Mar 09 2019


    The iconic British luxury auto brand Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by the Indian auto major Tata Motors, is not making the owner happy in terms of sales and profits. Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) take home profits in 2018 has been pretty depressing, which is making Tata Motors worried, and thus, the Indian auto giant is trying to make some solid changes in order to boost JLR’s sales. Seriously, no particular reasons are yet known as to why the very worthy and iconic brand like Jaguar Land Rover is having a hard time finding substantial buyers. Nevertheless, Tata Motors is doing with JLR what it is doing with its own brand name that is, totally renewing the lineup.

    Tata Motors plan to do a major overhaul and restructure the Jaguar Lang Rover lineup. Among a whole lot of lineup renewal decisions JLR will have to take a decision on how to replace its XE and XF sedans, which have been lately selling very slowly and is well outsold by Jaguar’s all-electric SUV - the I-Pace.


    Even when Jaguar is readying up to bring in the refreshed models of the XE and XF sedans in the global markets quite soon this year, the company has started planning to work on the all-new replacement models for these two sedans, which will be coming by 2023. As per the sources, JLR will be working from ground up for this new project, and could also offer just a single replacement model for both the XE and the XF sedans. The sources also offer hint that this all-new vehicle could be either an all-electric or a plug-in hybrid model.

    JLR has already made its electrification intentions quite clear sometime back. The company will be adopting the hybrid or all-electric technology with many models, which includes the upcoming new XJ all-electric sedan model. At the company’s presentation last year, Jaguar Land Rover’s executive director of corporate and strategy, Hanno Kirner said that he is planning to launch several mid-height car models in the future (could mean the speculated Road Rover range) alongside a number of more models that will come with a petite front fascia. This is because aerodynamic efficiency is highly important when it comes to travel range capacity. At this same presentation, Kirner also indicated at a new platform which would be underpinning the future I-Pace model that will be shared along with a sportier model. He indicated that eventually the F-Type model will be replaced and it could be renamed as the ‘I-Type’.


    While JLR is making big plans to totally overhaul its existing lineup, these big changes will definitely take time, and we don’t expect to see these big changes happening in next few years. However, the company is definitely working on refreshing its current lineup considerably in the international markets, in order to boost its sales in the near future. JLR is very busy working on the updated models of the Jaguar XE and XF sedan models, as already mentioned. Then there will be the new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, a considerably updated re- Discovery Sport, and last but not the least, the all-new Defender – all of which are likely to launch within the current calendar year of 2019.



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