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During Mahindra’s annual earnings conference call, the company announced that they will not launch any hybrid vehicles during their path to an all-electric passenger vehicle portfolio.

Mahindra Electric Car

As emission norms get stricter and fuel prices skyrocket, car manufacturers are working on solutions to provide cleaner and greener mobility for the masses. While the Japanese carmakers like Suzuki, Toyota and Honda believe that hybrids serve as a bridge between internal-combustion and electric vehicles, Mahindra have decided to jump directly to electric vehicles.

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Mahindra are set to take the wraps off their 5 born-electric range of electric vehicles on August 15. These electric vehicles will sit on a dedicated electric platform with a floor-mounted battery pack. In addition to that, the new range of electric vehicles from Mahindra could borrow the electric motors and other components from Volkswagen, under a prospective partnership.

Mahindra also confirmed the launch of the XUV400 electric SUV in September 2022. The XUV400 Electric will share its platform with the XUV300 but it will measure longer in length. Mahindra first showcased the XUV400 Electric as the XUV300 Electric concept at the 2020 Auto Expo. Going further, Mahindra will offer a range of electric vehicles with varying size and range options.

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Another Indian carmaker, Tata Motors, confirmed their plans not to develop any hybrid powertrains. At the Concept Curvv unveil, Tata Motors confirmed that they will go ahead with electric vehicles only, while keeping their internal-combustion range on sale till they are viable and profitable. Tata Motors, however, are betting big on CNG whereas Mahindra are yet to reveal their plans on the alternative fuel option.

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