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    Maruti Suzuki Baleno 1.2 DualJet Smart Hybrid Launched At INR 7.25 Lakh

    by Swati Sanchayi on Tuesday, Apr 23 2019
    Maruti Suzuki Belano

    Maruti Suzuki has propelled its first BSVI agreeable model in India as the Baleno oil. Two motors are on offer - the current 1.2-liter VVT engine, which has been refreshed to acclimate with the stricter emanation standards, and an all-new 1.2-liter DualJet, Dual VVT engine with the organization's mark 'Shrewd Hybrid' framework. The Baleno DualJet Smart Hybrid is just accessible in the lower Sigma and Zeta variations until further notice.

    "Baleno has been a blockbuster car from day one. We have over 5.5 lakh happy Baleno customers since its launch in 2015 and sold more than 2 lakh units in the last fiscal year. We recently upgraded Baleno with latest design and technology. At Maruti Suzuki, we strive to bring newer, better and environment-friendly technologies to our products. Baleno smart hybrid with BS VI stands testament to the same. We are confident that the premium hatchback Baleno will present a complete package in line with aspirations of evolving customers," said R S Kalsi, Senior Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India.

    The DualJet innovation incorporates new double fuel injectors set nearer to the admission valve of the motor. These injectors atomise the fuel better and infuse significantly more exact measures of fuel, the two of which prompts less wastage of fuel than previously. Decreased erosion and improved warm productivity additionally add to higher effectiveness figures and lower discharges.

    The Smart Hybrid framework in the Baleno is controlled by lithium-particle batteries and uses vitality recouped from braking and cruising to give a torque help capacity to the motor. The improved battery additionally takes into consideration a canny inactive begin/stop work, which likewise adds to the higher proficiency. Maruti claims the Baleno 1.2 DualJet has an eco-friendliness of 23.87kmpl.

    Execution details of the 1.2-liter DualJet or the refreshed 1.2 K-Series motor have not been uncovered. Maruti has additionally not expressed if the refreshed K-Series engine is more proficient than previously - it had an asserted productivity of 21.4kmpl before.

    Maruti Suzuki Belano  Price-List
    Maruti Suzuki Belano EXTERIOR
    Maruti Suzuki Belano EXTERIOR

    Here's the means by which the new 1.2-liter DualJet petroleum thinks about to the more established 1.2 K-Series oil and the 1.3-liter DDiS diesel motors:

    Fuel Efficiency




    Baleno 1.2 DualJet Smart Hybrid BS VI

    Baleno 1.2 VVT BS IV

    Baleno 1.3 DDiS BSIV





    Costs of the Baleno with the more established K-Series petroleum motor have been expanded as Maruti has needed to change the motor to meet BSVI standards. Subtleties of what changes have been done are not known for the present, we will refresh this report when we know.

    "In order to achieve this stringent emission regulation requirement, company has upgraded both engine hardware and software along with exhaust system. The engine control software has been upgraded for more precise fuel injection control using various onboard sensors to ensure cleaner and durable emission control," Maruti Suzuki India said.

    Maruti has not discussed the diesel-fueled Baleno at all in its new discharge. The Fiat-sourced 1.3-liter DDiS engine will be offered unaltered till the BSVI standards become effective from April 2020. While Maruti's new 1.5-liter diesel engine is accessible as a substitution (and is as of now being utilized on the Ciaz), it might turn out to be too costly to even consider making sense. The new DualJet variations could be the substitution for the diesel variations once they are ended in 2020. This is all theory however, an official word from Maruti is as yet anticipated.


    Ex-showroom price (Delhi)





    Baleno 1.2 DualJet Smart Hybrid BS VI

    Baleno 1.2 VVT BS VI



    Rs 5.58 lakh


    Rs 7.25 lakh

    Rs 6.36 lakh

    Delta (CVT)


    Rs 7.68 lakh


    Rs 7.86 lakh

    Rs 6.97 lakh

    Zeta (CVT)


    Rs 8.29 lakh



    Rs 7.58 lakh

    Alpha (CVT)


    Rs 8.90 lakh


    Stay tuned to V3cars.com for further updates on the newly launched Maruti Suzuki Baleno 1.2 DualJet Smart Hybrid model.




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