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    Nissan recalls a range of cars due to potentially hazardous faulty ignition

    by Monalisa Saha on Friday, Sep 07 2018
    Nissan Main

    Vehicle recalls are very common in the modern auto industry and is not considered to be reputation damaging things anymore. However, some vehicle recalls are made due to very serious issues, such as the one recently made by the Japanese automaker, Nissan.

    Nissan has recently announced a huge vehicle recall that involves 165,000 vehicles across the Japanese car maker’s range. However, this recall involves the Nissan cars only the car markets of U.S. and Canada.

    Nissan is recalling its vehicle in order to inspect and fix seriously faulty key-ignition switches, which may erode over passing time and could even lead to sudden total engine shut-off while the vehicle is still in motion, as per the company’s statement. Nissan’s statement added that in this extreme case of engine shut-off, the vehicle might lose balance due to the level of speed and cause panic in the driver, which as a result could potentially lead a road crash.

    Moreover, the Japanese company revealed that the sudden engine shutdown could even potentially deactivate the vehicle’s airbags, which would farther put the vehicle’s occupants at a greater risk of fatal injuries on the event of a collision.

    The Nissan vehicle model which have been affected by this recall in the U.S. include the Juke, Sentra, Frontier, NV, NV200, Versa, Versa Note and the Nissan Taxi models, which were built in 2017-2018, but not all the models manufactured in this time period.

    The recalled affected Nissan vehicle models in Canada include some of the 2017-2018 Micra, Versa Note and Frontier models as well as 2017 Sentra models. Moreover the Nissan vans such as the 2017 NV200, NV1500, NV2500, and NV3500 models will also be called back for inspection.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is yet to make an official recall announcement about the Nissan vehicles in the U.S, Transport Canada has already posted about the announcement. As per the Transport Canada notice, some of the Nissan vehicles with key-ignition system might have a faulty spring in the ignition switch that could wear out over time and become non-functional resulting the ignition key to switch from the “on” position to the accessory position, while the vehicle is still running on road, shutting off the engine.


    The Transport Canada’s notice adds by stating that the sudden engine shut off and change in steering and braking forces may potentially increase the risks of a crash. The notice also states that due to engine that the affected vehicle’s airbags may not function on the event of an impact.

    For the U.S owners of the affected Nissan vehicles, Nissan USA has created a recall lookup tool on its official website. The owners should take their vehicles to their closest Nissan dealer, where the vehicle will be inspected for any possible ignition parts faults. Nissan will be replacing all parts if needed, absolutely free of charges, as in the case of all voluntary recalls by car makers.

    Nissan’s recall notice advices that until the company does the needful the affected car owners should remove all additional objects from the ignition key ring such as key chains, additional keys, etc, as the additional weight may increase chances such a fault developing.



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