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    Own A BMW At Rs 50,000 Per Month This Festive Season

    by Lakshya Khanna on Tuesday, Oct 20 2020

    BMW has started to retail pre-owned certified BMW cars online, on its official website. Since these are certified cars and sold directly by BMW, the experience of buying and owning one is expected to be close to owning a new BMW vehicle.


    BMW Cars offers

    Buying a used BMW could be a good option for a lot of buyers who don’t want to buy a new BMW car for various reasons. Buying a pre-owned car from BMW not only makes owning a BMW easier on the pocket, but it also saves from a high rate of depreciation, which is usually more in the initial years of new car ownership. A pre-owned car can also serve as a testbed to owning a new BMW later -- you can own the car and understand the overhead expenses involved in keeping a luxury vehicle.

    It’s official that BMW certified cars undergo a 360-degree comprehensive check that includes service history check, along with the resolution of any flaws -- both visually and technically -- from systems, components and aesthetics. The carmaker also does a final inspection and document check along with on-road testing, while replacing any faulty parts by original BMW parts to ensure uncompromised performance. So the doubts that you may have regarding non-transparency of facts, odometer reading, and being handed over an expensive car that has had a troubled history are next to zero.

    Along with a thorough check-up, we’re told that BMW also offers various after-sales services with certified cars similar to what’s on offer on a new BMW car. Buyers can avail warranty of up to 2 years/40,000km along with 24x7 roadside assistance and zero maintenance packages. There’s also a choice of various packages with different duration and mileage. You can choose from 3 years with 40,000 km to 10 years with 2 lakh km. Under the maintenance package, all the work will be done on the car using original BMW parts and by BMW service experts.

    In order to enhance the car buying experience, BMW also has financial services to offer through BMW Finance Services. The carmaker offers funds at low interest rates and there are also customised financial plans on the purchase of a certified pre-owned BMW car. You can also buy BMW service packages through BMW financial services. 

    BMW offers three different financial plans:

    • BMW Bullet Plan: In this plan, you can pay small EMIs for some months by paying higher amounts at fixed intervals. For example, you pay a certain amount for the first 10 months of a year and in the last two months, you pay a relatively large bullet EMI. 
    • BMW Balloon Plan: This plan is similar to the Bullet Plan but instead of paying a large sum at regular intervals you can pay a higher lumpsum amount (balloon) as the last payment.
    • BMW Standard Plan: It is similar to any other standard finance plan where you pay a fixed EMI across the entire duration of the loan. It is to be noted that BMW claims to offer the lowest rates of interest on loans.

    Currently, BMW has almost 97 certified cars listed on BMW India official website. You can check all details of the car including mileage, specifications and features on the website. Some cars can also be reserved online by paying 10 per cent of the listed price as a token amount. For example, a 2014 Raipur registered BMW 5 Series 520d Modern Line with a mileage of 1,29,410 km is listed at Rs 26 lakh and can be booked at Rs 2.6 lakh. 


    Lakshya loves to talk about cars and, therefore, he’s mostly in the front of the camera doing the talking. He’s usually blunt in his opinion -- good or bad, and backs it up with logic. Lakshya is a senior member of V3Cars’ editorial team. 

    Twitter handle: @lakshya_khanna

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