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Removing the Punch EV Empowered Plus Medium Range from Tata Motors’ website suggests that it is discontinued. But dealers have confirmed to us that it’s on sale and in their most recent price lists. It’s still very much possible that the variant may actually be out of production and the dealers are just waiting for an update from Tata. But for now, we have to trust the word people handing over the keys to customers and the price list they have on hand.

Tata Punch EV Empowered Plus MR


Update (Feb 26, 2024): Earlier, we had mentioned that the Empowered MR variant of the Punch EV was removed from Tata's website. We have updated this article to reflect that it was actually, the Empowered Plus MR variant of the Punch EV, which is no longer listed on Tata Motors website. Thanks to Vidyut for bringing this to our attention. If you spot any descrepecies in our reporting, kindly reach out to editor@v3cars.com and help us stay honest and accurate. We even occasionally ship gifts to our viewers for helping us improve the quality and accuracy of the content for others.

Tata Punch EV is currently available in 5 main variants, and further, a confusing number of options such as medium/long range, with/without sunroof and with/without the sunroof pack. Except for Tata’s entry level cars like the Tiago and Tigor, everything else has a very confusing variant lineup and feature distribution. Thus, the variants explained content on our YouTube channel and website helps buyers choose the right variant to suit their needs, wants and budgets.

Unlike the new Nexon launch, the Punch EV launch process went quite smoothly, by Tata’s standards, and had no noteworthy communication mishaps. However, such errors can lead to a depleting trust in the brand. Tata Motors have evolved a lot with their engines, features and especially design, but maintaining consistent communication across all channels still seems like a challenge for them.

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Those who followed the new Nexon launch closely with us would remember the havoc they created with the car launch. We had to practically scour every source of information we could get our hands on, including the promo video and ads, to verify the truth as the brochures, website and launch presentation were completely out of sync.

No wonder several Tata dealerships just run our Variants Explained video or point the customers towards our Variants Explained article when the customer is confused. After all, it helps the sales team at Tata dealerships get the buyer to the decision stage and close the sale.

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