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    Renault SYMBIOZ demo car sets a perfect example of the future autonomous vehicle

    by Monalisa Saha on Friday, Dec 22 2017

    French automaker Renault unveiled its SYMBIOZ fully electric autonomous concept car at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, in September. The Renault SYMBIOZ with its very concept of an extended home on wheels and fully synchronized and connected nature wowed the audience and gained a lot of praise. Renault has now come up with a fully functional demo car of the SYMBIOZ concept to offer a proper look and feel of the actual car.

    SYMBIOZ is a fully autonomous, electric, and connected car for the future, as Renault terms it, and in order to offer real world demonstrations to the media, the company has unveiled the first rolling prototype which has been build from scratch. The SYMBIOZ concept car at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show was only show prototype and was non-functional. Renault has been very quick to build a functional prototype of the concept which indicates that the company has received great reception of the SYMBIOZ at Frankfurt, which encouraged the company to further build up the buzz around the concept model. This also gives us the hope that the Renault SYMBIOZ would not end up as being just another concept only model and will make it to the production line in future, especially given the fact that the future auto industry is rapidly moving towards fully electric, autonomous, intelligent and connected cars.


    The new press release says that the SYMBIOZ demo car road tests offers Renault takes the opportunity to demonstrate in real-life conditions a futuristic car which is electric, autonomous and connected. It thus, offers “a whole new life-on-board experience” and offers amazing pleasure while driving it as it does with one’s hands off its steering wheel. The SYMBIOZ is not a car without a steering wheel, but offers fully autonomous capability. The human driver can make use of fully automate driving and utilize travel time for other activities. The press release also says that Renault believes that travelling by car will become a multi-sensory and highly personalized experience. And thus, the SYMBIOZ’s cabin can be reconfigured differently for various driving modes and the car becomes part of the users’ personal ecosystem.

    Commenting on the SYMBIOZ demo car, Gaspar Gascon Abellan, the Executive Vice President of Product Engineering at Groupe Renault said that one can’t re-imagine the future mobility system without experiencing the SYMBIOZ prototype. Renault’s design and engineering teams have presented an autonomous car from the next decade to present a fully new kind of mobility. Fully electric and connected, this rolling concept car has been designed to challenge old norm of travelling. Renault is excited to showcase its vision and let the world sample the company’s future.


    While the SYMBIOZ demo car is a fascinating and stand alone car, it really remains to be seen how much the actual production model stays true to the concept. Nevertheless, for now, the Renault SYMBIOZ concept is a perfect amalgamation of advanced autonomous technology, zero emission drivetrain and connectivity, and is built to make the future mobility system greener, cleaner and better.



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