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    Showcased: Audi AI:ME Concept At Shanghai

    by Swati Sanchayi on Tuesday, Apr 16 2019

    Audi AI;ME

    Audi is utilizing the current week's Shanghai Motor Show to grandstand its vision of future urban transport, uncovering another smaller city vehicle idea called the Audi AI: ME.

    The brand has not laid out what stage the AI: ME depends on, however, the wheelbase is 2,770 mm long – equivalent to the as of late uncovered Q4 e-Tron, which is bound for showrooms in 2020. It everything except affirms that the AI: ME is another vehicle on the Volkswagen Group's everything electric MEB stage, as does the drivetrain; it's controlled by an electric the engine on the back hub creating 168 bhp.

    Squint a bit and it looks similar to the Volkswagen ID or then again SEAT el-Born, however this idea vehicle doesn't straightforwardly see a forthcoming creation show and isn't a piece of Audi's thriving e-tron line-up right now.

    Rather, the AI: ME can be recorded close by a developing group of modern Audi show autos known as 'vision' ideas. These are very particular vehicles, intended to suit certain errands and seeing what the organization could assemble if the customary 'one size fits all' proprietorship show is supplanted by membership administrations. So the AI: ME is an independent, shared-on-request city vehicle.

    In the end, the 'vision' family will turn into a group of four, with the fourth and last vehicle in the cutting edge line-up due to be uncovered at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. "There is urban, which is this one; there is the race track, which is the PB18; and afterward there is the AICON, which is transport between urban areas. There is one more – think rural," Audi's head of the outside structure, Andreas Mindt, revealed in front of the AI: ME's divulging in Shanghai.

    Audi AI;ME


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