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    Skoda reveals Vision RS Concept prior its world debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Sep 05 2018

    Skoda Main

    Czech car maker Skoda has recently revealed its Vision RS concept model through official sketches. The RS Concept based car will make its world debut at the upcoming 2018 Paris Motor Show in October. Skoda has revealed the Vision RS concept showcasing the company’s upcoming compact car while also showing the new design philosophy that will go into the making of the new range of the sporty Skoda RS models. Skoda has revealed the Vision RS Concept prior to its official unveiling by posting rough design sketches of the concept car.

    The official Skoda Vision RS Concept’s rough design sketches show that the primary aspect of the new vehicle concept is aerodynamics and the model has been designed keeping in mind all about enhancing aerodynamics. Although the Czech car maker has posted only rough sketches of the concept, the front fascia of the concept vehicle is shown to be very accurately designed offering a proper idea of what the model will actually look like. The front façade of the concept car flaunts slim headlights that offer a very aerodynamic and sporty look to the model, while the rear end of the model shows a diffuser and a roof spoiler, which has again been optimized aerodynamically.

    Skoda Interior
    Skoda Interior
    Skoda Interior

    In terms of dimensions, the Skoda Vision RS measures 4,356 mm long, 1,810 mm wide, while standing tall at only 1,431 mm. Its low slung stance is in keeping with its all aerodynamic-centric design. The model rides on a wheelbase measuring 2,650 mm. Thus, given its dimensions, we can figure out that although it is an upcoming compact car from the house of Skoda, it will be a larger model as compared against the Skoda Fabia. This RS Concept based car will even be longer than the European Skoda Rapid Spaceback, which means it will offer a spacious cabin and good legroom for the rear passengers.

    At this moment, we really don’t know if this new Vision RS Concept based Skoda car will land up in India or not. Given its low slung design, it is hard to tell if Skoda will ever decide to bring it to the Indian car market, which is ruled by high-ground clearance cars. Tall-boy design is also very adored in our market, as good headspace is really appreciated here. However, the Indian car market is a rapidly developing space which is also getting highly diversified. Given the fact how high-end cars and sporty hatchback models have become popular here in India in the last few years, highly aerodynamic cars such as the upcoming Vision RS Concept based model might also find a good number of takers in the future. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the bad road conditions in India make the really cool squatted to the ground car models pretty impractical.

    Skoda Exterior
    Skoda Exterior
    Skoda Exterior
    Skoda Exterior

    As already mentioned, the Vision RS concept offers a glimpse at the next generation design philosophy of Skoda’s world acclaimed RS performance-centric car models, while carrying forward the Czech automaker’s 117-year old motorsport heritage. ‘RS’ stand for Rally Sports and first came into existence back in 1974. From 2000 onwards, the RS badging has been used for the performance-oriented variants of several Skoda models. 


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