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    Skoda says it won’t launch a sub-brand for Electric Vehicle models

    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    Volkswagen Group owned Czech car maker, Skoda has revealed that it will be selling its upcoming all-electric vehicles under its own brand name and won’t make a separate brand to sell the same. The head of management at Skoda, Guido Haak told the media that the company will be producing and selling its new upcoming electric vehicle (EV) models under its main moniker and not sell them separately under any EV-exclusive sub-brand name. This means Skoda won’t be following the path of its German parent company Volkswagen, which has its ID sub-brand for EVs.

    The luxury car brands such as Mercedes-Benz has its EQ range for EVs, and BMW has its ‘I’ sub-brand for its electric cars. These sub-brands or specific range names separates the electric vehicles from the companies’ mainstream models, and mark them apart as EVs. However, Skoda will be offers its EVs that would fit in directly in its mainstream product portfolio and be positioned alongside its popular conventional cars like the Superb and Octavia.

    While talking about Skoda’s venture into the increasingly popular EV segment, Haak brought in the comparison of the American premium EV maker Tesla, calling the massively successful EV-only brand “the number one risk-taker” in the global auto industry in creating such great EV models.

    Haak also showed great regard about the new Tesla Model 3, which has already garnered record bookings of more than 4 lakh. However, he also pointed out that it is a premium EV model that everybody can’t afford. He then went on to explain that the upcoming new Skoda electric vehicle models will be aimed at the mass market car buyers and will have relatively affordable pricing. Thus, the future electric cars from the house of the Czech auto maker would not be model that would go directly against the likes of the premium Tesla EVs.


    Apart from offering more accessible electric cars to the global customers, Skoda will also aim at catering to all the major requirements of the modern EV buyers. The company is looking to offer EV models with outstanding value for money. The Skoda electrical vehicles essentially need to fulfill five primary criteria, as per the Skoda executive officer. These are value for money, design, real-world range, driver assistance technology, and fun to drive capability. Thus, the Czech car maker is focusing on rolling out perfect EV models with all these important qualities to win over the global electric car buyers and to become market success.

    One of the driver assistance systems in the future Skoda EVs is a system will alert the driver make way for an emergency vehicle, but this feature is in its early development phase and is not expected to be introduced anytime soon.

    As for the all-electric car models, from the house of Skoda, there’s also some time to it. Skoda has decided to join the all-electric vehicle league, as EVs are not niche products anymore and are the need of the hour. The company is expected to launch its first EV model by 2020.



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