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In this article, we’ll estimate the ex-showroom prices of Tata Altroz CNG and explain the logic behind the calculations. To start with, we’ll first see how much Tata currently charge for the CNG kit in their existing cars like Tiago and Tigor. Then guesstimate which variants of the Altroz might get the CNG kit and at what price. Let’s start with the CNG-kit’s baseline premium in other cars.

Tata Altroz CNG

In the Tiago and Tigor, the comparable variants with the factory-fit CNG kit cost a flat Rs. 90,000 more than the petrol-manual variants.

In the Altroz we don’t expect all variants to get the CNG kit. We are expecting to see the CNG bi-fuel option in the XM Plus, XT and XZ variants. They currently have an ex-showroom price of Rs. 7.30 lakh, Rs. 7.80 lakh and Rs. 8.30 lakh, respectively. We also know that the Altroz is likely to get a sunroof.

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Whenever Tata choose to introduce the sunroof in the Altroz, we can also expect the car to get a price revision. So, we should factor in the price revision along with the cost of the CNG kit. Speaking of the CNG kit, Tata charge Rs. 90,000 in the other cars but in the Altroz, they’re offering the split, 2 cylinders for storing the fuel. So, it has far better boot space than any other CNG car on sale today. There is some value in having a CNG car and some usable boot space to go with it.

For reference, Maruti Suzuki charge Rs. 95,000 for the CNG kit and offer far better fuel efficiency. The Altroz negates the advantages of the higher fuel efficiency in the Maruti CNG cars with a usable boot space. So, we expect Tata to also charge Rs. 95,000 for their CNG option with the Altroz instead of Rs. 90,000 like they do with the Tiago and Tigor CNG.

With all of this information, we believe that the 3 variants of the Altroz CNG could cost between Rs. 8.30 lakh and Rs. 9.30 lakh.

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XM Plus

Rs. 8,29,900


Rs. 8,94,900


Rs. 9,29,900

Note: You should note that we’re factoring in the price revision, which could make the Altroz pricier by about Rs. 5,000 in the mid-spec variants. So, the effective price for the CNG kit should match what Maruti Suzuki charge for their CNG cars after the price revision.

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