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    Teaser Confirms Hyundai i20 To Get N-Line Variant - N-Line List Inside

    by Mahesh Yadav on Wednesday, Aug 11 2021

    A little bit of zooming in on the car in the official Hyundai N-line introduction teaser and comparing the grille design with the i20 confirms that the i20 will soon get a new N variant.


    Hyundai i20 N-Line

    We’re expecting N variants for the i20, Verna, Creta, Venue, Nios and Aura. All of these models currently have turbo as well as non-turbo petrol engine options. The Nios and Aura turbo could become the N-Line variant with some more cosmetic upgrades. Similarly, the Verna also gets a turbo-petrol engine option in one, top-spec variant. This could also be rebadged as the sporty, N trim of the sedan.

    In cars that have multiple variants with turbo petrol engines, one of the higher variants could add some cosmetic upgrades to justify wearing the N badge. This includes cars like the Creta, i20 and Venue.

    Upcoming N-Line Cars - Expected

    Since the i20, Venue and Creta already offer a turbo-petrol engine in many of their variants, these cars may get a new variant with only cosmetic upgrades compared to other turbo-petrol variants. This will be based on one of the higher variants to make sure the feature list justifies the N-badge.

    Upcoming Hyundai N-Line Models - Expectations


    N-Line Upgrade

    Variant Addition/Replacement

    i10 Nios

    Cosmetic + Mechanical

    Replacement of Turbo


    Cosmetic + Mechanical

    Replacement of Turbo


    Cosmetic + Mechanical

    Replacement of Turbo


    Cosmetic Only

    New Variant


    Cosmetic Only

    New Variant


    Cosmetic Only

    New Variant


    Meanwhile, cars like the Nios, Aura and Verna, which offer only 1 turbo petrol variant could see the N variant replacing these. Compared to the rest of the petrol variants, this N-variant will obviously have better performance because of the turbo powerplant. So, this will qualify as a cosmetic + mechanical upgrade over the other models.

    Hyundai N-Line Cars - Launch Timeline

    Since Hyundai have already teased the i20, that should be the first car with the N badge. Naturally, this car also needs some boost in buyer’s mindshare and sales charts. In July 2021, the Tata Altroz beat the Hyundai i20 in sales figures, and that’s a huge achievement for the Altroz. The i20 has remained a consistent performer with only the Baleno challenging the i20 in the segment. However, Baleno’s USP remains different as it offers better value-for-money and targets a different set of buyers who are value-conscious. The Tata Altroz and i20 have an overlapping set of buyers and the Altroz’ success can only come at the cost of i20’s poor performance. The new N-line should give the i20 a much-needed boost to help it perform well in the short term.

    We should see the i20 N go on sale by the end of August or early in September 2021.

    The next car to get the N treatment could be the Verna. While the Verna is beating the Nexa Ciaz and the super VFM Rapid, it’s having trouble catching up to the new City. Honda, meanwhile, is selling the City in considerably big numbers. This is despite losing market share in all other segments and in times when sedans are losing ground to SUVs and crossover.

    Both of these cars are in desperate need of some kind of an update to bring in fresh footfall towards the showroom floor. The Verna N could launch ahead of the festive season about a month after the i20 N goes on sale.

    Then, the Creta and Venue may get the N variant together just ahead of the festive season to fend off the competition as rivals are piling up in their respective price ranges by the dozens. The Creta N and Venue N may launch just ahead of the festivities cashing in on the positive spirits among buyers.


    Mahesh is a fan of compact, quirky and underrated vehicles that punch above their weight. Multix, Nano, Strom R3 and Navi are his favorites.

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