Volvo India Sales Grow 25% In FY 2018-19

Volvo India Sales Grow 25% In FY 2018-19

Volvo Car India enrolled another effective FY 2018-19 with a development of 25% in retail conveyances when contrasted with the past FY. The organization retailed 2687 vehicles in FY18-19 versus 2157 in FY17-18. This development was to a great extent driven by new item dispatches including ICOTY Premium Car Award victor XC40. Development was further fuelled by opening 5 new showrooms the nation over including Calicut, Raipur, Kolkata, Indore and South Mumbai.

Charles Frump, Managing Director - Volvo Car India shared, “We had a strong performance in the last Financial year because of greater customer demand for our award winning products and new dealer openings. We continue to be optimistic about the future, but are somewhat cautious about the year ahead owing to external factors and predictions of an impending downtrend.”

Few days ago, Volvo declared that by a mid 2020s, it would supply every single new vehicle with a driver observing supplement – containing in-lodge cameras and different sensors – to prevent mishaps brought about by driver stupor and lush driving. Volvos prediction is that nobody ought to be murdered or seriously hurt in one of a vehicles and SUVs by 2020, and a driver checking framework, alongside a 180 kmph speed degree Volvo will require in every new vehicle beginning 2021, are stairs to help make that forecast a reality.


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