All Toyota Cars Showcased At Auto Expo 2023

Here are the cars, SUVs, MPVs, hatchbacks and sedans Toyota showcased at the Auto Expo 2023. We’ve also included some detailed story links to help you get more information about the car. Let’s start with the showstopper cars, which attracted the most attention and crowd at the auto show.

Toyota At Auto Expo 2023

2023 Toyota Innova Hycross

innova hycross

Toyota recently launched the Hycross and it has big shoes to fill to impress a typical Innova buyer who wants a ladder frame car and a diesel engine. The biggest feature of the Innova Hycross is its hybrid powertrain, which promises 21.1kmpl, which is unheard of from a 3-row D-segment petrol car.

We did a fuel cost comparison based on the official mileage figures of the Innova Hycross hybrid petrol-automatic and Innova Crysta diesel-automatic. In the calculations, we found that the Hycross hybrid is about one rupee cheaper to run per kilometre than the Crysta diesel-automatic.

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The Innova Hycross competes with D-segment 3-row cars like the Mahindra XUV700, Scorpio N, MG Hector Plus, Hyundai Alcazar and Tata Safari.

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV)


The Toyota Mirai is another flagship product, which demonstrates their expertise in making alternative fuel vehicles. After showcasing it at the 2020 Auto Expo, they brought it out once again at the 2023 Auto Expo.

Among other automakers, Hyundai and MG also presented their hydrogen FCV at the auto show. Hyundai had the Nexo SUV and MG brought the Euniq 7 MPV. Tata Motors also showcased their interest in pursuing hydrogen fuel-cell technology but their product showcase was a long-haul truck and an inter-city bus and no passenger cars.

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Toyota Corolla Cross - Hydrogen Combustion Engine (HCE) Concept

corolla cross

The Toyota Corolla Cross brings all the fun of an internal combustion engine like the vibrations, fruity engine and exhaust notes but none of the pollution. It uses the same engine as a petrol car, but with some modifications to burn hydrogen instead of petrol. Currently, Toyota are the only carmaker in the world with a hydrogen fuel cell car as well as a hydrogen combustion engine car in their product plans.

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On a side note, Tata Motors were the only other automaker with a hydrogen fuel-cell and a hydrogen combustion engine vehicle on display. Although, the truck and bus were both for commercial buyers and they don’t yet have any passenger car running on hydrogen, even in prototype form.

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Toyota Corolla Flex Fuel Hybrid

Corolla Flex Fuel

The Toyota Corolla flex fuel hybrid prototype also made it to the auto expo. With this test car, Toyota are hoping to achieve compatibility with higher ethanol concentrations of up to 85%.

While the green revolution is covering the developed world, we’re still several years behind schedule. We have a few stops to make along the way and the flex-fuel is one of those stops. The government is pushing for faster adoption of flex fuel and Toyota have a headstart in that respect. We can’t expect it to go on sale in the next few years as the flex fuel availability is still a concern. However, the rest of Toyota’s petrol cars may officially get E20 compliance much sooner, as in, by the end of 2023.

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Previous-Generation Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid EV

prius prime

When Toyota confirmed that they are bringing a plug-in hybrid car to the Auto Expo, we were excited to see the fancy, next-generation Prius. But, Toyota instead showcased the Prius Prime at the show, which is the plug-in hybrid version of the previous generation Prius.

With a full charge, the Prius plug-in can squeeze up to 50km of range out of its 8.8kWh battery pack. The theoretical range of the Prius plug-in hybrid with a full tank of petrol is 1,300km.

Toyota BZ4X Electric SUV


The BZ4X is Toyota’s first and only battery electric SUV and it was also present at the Toyota's expo pavilion. It gets a 71.4kWh battery pack and the option of a single or dual-motor configuration. The BZ4X twin motor with 4-wheel drive capabilities offers a claimed range of up to 460km on a single charge while the single motor version can go up to 510km on a full charge.

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2023 Auto Expo - Toyota Showcase BZ4X Electric SUV

Toyota Hilux Extreme Off-Road Concept


Among wacky cars, the Hilux off-road concept takes the prize. Some of the features, which make it rally-ready are:

  • Slew of auxiliary LED lights
  • Winch
  • Tow hooks
  • 6-inch lift kit
  • Modified bumpers for better approach and departure angles
  • Aggressive high-profile off-road tyres
  • 2 spare tyres with ratchet strap in the flat bed
  • A snorkel for air intake

Don’t expect it to go on in India in the foreseeable future. But it’s a good inspiration for Hilux owners who participate in the off-road and rally events.

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Toyota Glanza Sport

Glanza Sport

The Glanza was another exorbitantly-accessorised car at Toyota’s Auto Expo 2023 stall. While the changes weren’t many, they certainly were over the top especially considering that it has a 1.2L normal petrol engine.

Some of the modifications were:

  • Large, 17-inch sporty, black alloy wheels
  • Wider 205-section tyres
  • Aggressive front and rear bumpers
  • Red and white racing stripes on leather upholstery
  • Carbon fibre pattern on dashboard, door pads and steering wheel
  • Red and white accents on dashboard and door pads
  • Rear splitter
  • Single centre exhaust

Just like the Hilux concept, this one is also not likely to go on sale in the foreseeable future but it certainly reminded us of the modest, practical and affordable cars in Toyota’s India portfolio.

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Toyota Land Cruiser LC300

Land Cruiser

With an ex-showroom price of Rs. 2.10 crore, the Land Cruiser LC300 is Toyota’s most expensive car in India. It gets a 3.3L diesel engine churning out 306PS of power and 700Nm of torque to all 4 wheels via a 10-speed torque converter automatic transmission. The Land Cruiser competes with top-spec luxury SUVs like the Land Rover Range Rover, BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS.

At first glance, you might find it absurd to spend more than Rs. 2.0 crore on a Toyota car. But, there are buyers in India who are willing to pay this premium on an imported Toyota for the peace of mind and long-term reliability.

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Not Showcased - New-Generation Prius Plug-In Hybrid EV


Not Showcased - 2023 Toyota Taisor


Not Showcased - Toyota Crysta Classic

Toyota Crsyta


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