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    Kia Seltos GTX Plus vs MG Hector Sharp Comparison: Which Petrol-Manual SUV To Buy?

    by Jagdev Kalsi Dates: 03 Sep 2019

    Kia Seltos and MG Hector do not belong to the same segment. While the Seltos is a compact SUV, Hector is a mid-size SUV since it is the bigger SUV. However, Hector is priced so aggressively that its top petrol-manual variant is actually priced lower than the top petrol-manual variant of the Seltos.


    Kia Seltos vs MG Hector


    Kia Seltos GTX Plus vs MG Hector Sharp Price Comparison


    Kia Seltos GTX Plus vs MG Hector Sharp Price Comparison

    Take into account the comparison between exterior dimensions of both the cars, and the Hector overshadows the Seltos in every aspect -- length, width, height and wheelbase. What goes in Seltos’ favour, however, is the fact that it is more proportionate to look at. Notice how the Hector is significantly longer and taller than the Seltos, but it is not wider than the Kia in the same proportion. Both the cars also feature 17-inch alloy wheels. The wheel size looks apt for the Seltos, but the Hector looks a bit undertyred.


    Seltos vs Hector Dimension Comparison

    As far as comparison between powertrains is concerned, the Seltos and Hector seem to be at par, with both the engines delivering close to 140PS of maximum power and around 250Nm of peak torque. Both the engines come paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. The Seltos is more fuel efficient on paper than the Hector by .29kmpl, but it is not a big difference.


    Powertrain Comparison


    As far as the price and engine specifications is concerned, there’s no clear winner between both the cars, however, you may prefer to pick the Hector if size is the most important criteria. On the other hand, some of you may find the Seltos more appealing just because it is more proportionate in terms of its exterior design.


    But if outright value-for-money is what you want, you might want to see what features each of the cars offer. Here’s a list of the common features between the two SUVs:


    Key Common Features


    From the list of common features, it can be assumed that no matter which car you pick, it is certain that it will be loaded with features. Below is the list of features that are unique to each of these models:


    Key Unique Features


    Take into account the Hector’s panoramic sunroof, and it seems more appealing that the Seltos, which does get an electric sunroof, though. Other than that, Seltos’ unique features like auto-dimming IRVM, blind-view monitor, rear curtains and head-up display will be more usable over Hector’s heated ORVMs, powered tailgate, cornering lamps and cooled glovebox.




    Talk of pure value for money, and the Hector does have an edge over the Seltos given its long list of features, including some expensive inclusions like panoramic sunroof. But from the standpoint of usable features, it’s the Seltos that delivers better value.


    As far as exterior design is concerned, Seltos has more mass-appeal than Hector since it is more proportionately designed. Powertrain-wise too, while both cars make around 140PS, the Seltos, being smaller, is likely to be offer better power-to-weight ratio, and thus, be more engaging to drive than the Hector. As a result, it’s the Seltos that we’ll put our money on if we were to pick one SUV between the two.

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