Mg Hector vs Hyundai Venue – Dimensions Comparison

Mg Hector vs Hyundai Venue – Dimensions Comparison

Know which car is bigger Mg Hector vs Hyundai Venue in comparison of dimensions length, width, height, wheelbase, ground clearance & boot space. In this article we are comparing car dimensions which help you taking decision which one to buy MG Hector or Hyundai Venue.

Mg hector vs Hyundai venue dimensions comparison
Hector vs Venue Dimensions Comparison
Dimensions Mg Hector Hyundai Venue
Length 4655mm 3995mm
Width 1835mm 1770mm
Height 1760mm 1605mm
Wheelbase 2750mm 2500mm
Boot space 587 litres 350 litres

The premium SUV MG Hector is 4655 mm long, 1835 mm wide, 1760 mm tall and rides on a wheelbase measuring 2750 mm. The SUV offers a boot space 587 litres. On the other hand, the Hyundai Venue sub compact SUV offers 3995 mm of length, 1770 mm of width, 1590 mm height with a wheelbase of 2500 mm and boot space 350 litres.


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