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While speaking with V3Cars, Toyota’s VP of sales and marketing told us that their alternate fuel strategies for India rely heavily on localisation. Since the Toyota-Suzuki tie up relies on Suzuki’s capabilities of achieving scale in India, we should assume that even Maruti Suzuki’s alternate fuels technologies have a strong probability of ending up in Toyota cars.

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With the knowledge that Toyota want to bring localised cars to the mass-market segments in India, we can also expect Toyota to skip the BZ4X. We should instead look forward to something coming out of their collaborative engineering efforts with Maruti Suzuki on the eVX concept.

Besides a regular petrol, mild hybrid petrol, turbo diesel and CNG engines, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are exploring following alternate fuel options for India, including:

  • Bio CNG
  • Hydrogen CNG
  • Strong hybrid petrol
  • Electric vehicles
  • Flex fuel
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Hydrogen combustion engines

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Such a diversification is not only suitable for a holistic approach towards their net-zero carbon emission goal but also healthy for their business. While all automakers around the globe are scrambling to mark their presence in the EV space, Toyota are taking a calculated bet of diversifying their propulsion options.

The future is uncertain and it's possible that EVs may not be the default choice 15 to 20 years from now. So, this approach helps them manage the transition to clean fuels and increase their investment towards whichever alternative fuel starts to show long-term promise.

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