All Tata Cars Showcased At Auto Expo 2023

Tata Cars At Auto Expo 2023

Tata Curvv Petrol/Diesel (Creta Rival)


We had only heard rumours of Tata entering the highly-contested C-segment SUV space with the Blackbird but we didn’t see anything materialise. It changed with the 2023 Auto Expo as Tata showcased the Curvv EV’s petrol/diesel versions. The Curvv fits the bill quite well. It has a winning design to begin with, and it builds upon that fan-favourite Nexon styling with a sloping roofline.

Tata Motors put all speculations to rest and showcased the Curvv that will get the petrol and/or diesel engine option(s). There are so many asterisks in the previous sentence because Tata officials neither confirmed if it’ll get multiple fuel options nor did they say anything about offering a single or multiple engine options. However, that didn’t stop us from speculating.

Auto Expo 2023 - Tata Curvv (Blackbird) Most Likely Engine Options

The Curvv will also come with an electric powertrain and it’ll become Tata’s first EV based on their Gen-2 platform. Learn more about it at the following link:

Tata Gen 2 EV Platform Explained With Examples

Tata Sierra EV

sierra ev

As we expected, Tata once again brought the Sierra EV at the 2023 Expo. This time, it was serving as the showstopper for Tata Motors and rightfully so, as it got even more cheers from the audience. It lost the 2-door visual design as the previous concept had a sliding rear door on one side that helped it retain the original Sierra’s 2-door design. The iconic curved rear glass window, which was present on the 2020 concept, was also missing this time.

The Sierra EV is another Gen2 EV from Tata Motors and we expect it to go on sale in the second half of 2024, just ahead of the festive season.

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Tata Harrier EV

harrier ev

The Harrier EV also marked its attendance at the Auto Expo 2023 uninvited and we didn’t mind. It’ll become the first Tata car since the older Safari body-on-frame went off the market to bring back 4WD. It’ll also become the first EV from Tata Motors with a range of more than 500km.

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The Harrier EV will most likely become the last electric car from Tata Motors on the Gen-1 EV platform before we start seeing Gen-2 EVs like the Sierra and Curvv hitting the market. You can learn more about it at the following link:

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Tata Altroz Racer Turbo

Altroz Racer

The rumour about seeing a sporty Altroz turbo petrol also bore fruits as we got to see the Altroz Racer at the Auto Expo 2023. In addition to the more powerful petrol engine from the Nexon, the Altroz Racer also brought along some new features like:

  • Gloss black 16-inch alloy wheels
  • Black bonnet and roof with racing stripes
  • Rear spoiler
  • Red accents in the cabin (AC vents, gear lever surround and seats)
  • 6-speed manual transmission (currently, the Altroz gets 5-speed only)
  • Electric sunroof
  • Larger touchscreen (currently, the Altroz gets a 7-inch touchscreen)
  • Ventilated front seats (segment-first feature)

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On the performance side, the Racer’s more powerful 1.2L turbo petrol engine makes 120PS of power at 5500rpm and 140Nm of torque between 1500rpm and 5500rpm. It also gets a taller 6th gear to put that bottom end torque to good use while cruising on expressways. Tata Motors also recently confirmed that the Altroz Racer will enter production and we expect it to go on sale around the middle of 2023.

Tata Punch CNG

punch cng

Another surprise for us at the Auto Expo was the Punch CNG. The CNG part was not the thing that excited us but the most interesting thing about the Punch CNG was that it had a usable boot space even with the CNG kit. You can read more about how Tata Motors achieved this breakthrough at the following link:

Auto Expo 2023: Tata Solved Boot Space Problem With CNG Cars

Tata Altroz CNG

altroz cng

Just like the Punch CNG, the Altroz CNG also had 2 cylinders for the CNG fuel and 150 litres of boot space. It uses the same 1.2L normal petrol/CNG engine, which is available in the Tiago and Tigor CNG. In terms of performance also, it brought improvements as it now makes 77PS of power and 97Nm of torque. These figures are 3.6PS and 2Nm better than before.

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Tata Harrier, Safari Red Dark

harrier dark

As if the Dark, Dual-Tone, Kaziranga, Gold, Jet and Adventure editions weren’t enough, Tata brought the Red Dark edition to the expo with the serious intention of launching it in the future. It had the following additional features:

  • 360-degree camera
  • Full-colour LCD instrument cluster
  • Larger touchscreen infotainment
  • ADAS features
  • Memory for powered driver seat
  • Cosmetic upgrades

safari dark

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If the Red Dark is in the pipeline for Tata Motors, then we can assume that the Safari is not likely to get the mid-life update we are waiting for.

Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) Technology

Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

The first-ever hydrogen fuel-cell truck and bus combo were nice additions to the Tata Motors pavilion, showcasing their technological capabilities and diversification strategy in clean transportation. It also showcased their commitment to becoming the market leader in the hydrogen FCV segment in India after dominating the electric vehicle space.

The big news here was that unlike Hyundai and Toyota, which have showcased their FCV tech twice at the Auto Expo, Tata have a paying customer. At the following link, you can read my guesstimates about the strategy Tata Motors are likely to execute to push the entire hydrogen propulsion business past the tipping point in India:

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Tata Hydrogen Combustion Engine (HCE) Technology

Tata Hydrogen FCV

Tata aren’t stopping at fuel-cell technology. They also had a truck with a hydrogen combustion engine (HCE) at the Auto Expo 2023. Since an HCE uses the same engine and drivetrain components, we can expect the first HCE truck from Tata to roll out before the FCV hits the market.

Tata and Toyota are the only 2 carmakers in India with plans to introduce hydrogen FCV as well as HCE 

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Tata Tiago EV Blitz

tiago ev

The Tiago Blitz was mostly a cosmetic upgrade of the regular Tiago EV. In terms of changes, it had:

  • Larger, 15-inch gloss black alloy wheels
  • Black rear spoiler
  • Blue thunderbolt sign on the sides, front and rear
  • Different design for the front bumper
  • White body with black roof
  • Gloss black wheel arch cladding

Tata Tiago EV Vs Petrol-Automatic - Kilometre-To-Breakeven Calculation

Tata Tiago EV Vs CNG-Manual - Kilometre-To-Breakeven Calculation

Tata Avinya Concept (3rd Gen EV From Tata Motors)


The final stop in this list is the Avinya EV, Tata’s first EV based on their Gen-3 EV platform. It’s the car that is the most raw concept at Tata’s expo pavilion and the one which will launch last.

With Gen-3 EVs, Tata say that they will achieve better performance, longer range and faster charging capabilities. The Avinya currently looks like a 4-seat MPV and it’s unclear what shape it’ll take as we get closer to its launch timeline.

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Not Showcased - 2023 Tata Safari, Harrier Facelift

Safari Facelift

Not Showcased - Tata Curvv EV

Curvv ev

Not Showcased - Tata Punch EV

Punch EV

Not Showcased - Tata Altroz EV

Altroz EV


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