21 Cars Coming To Auto Expo 2023 But Not Likely To Launch In India

In this article, we share the list of cars you are likely to see at the 2023 Auto Expo but these cars aren’t likely to go on sale anytime soon. These include any international models or early-stage concepts, prototypes and technologies. Such showcasing paints a picture of what each manufacturer is planning for the future and gives us an idea of the direction the auto industry is taking. So, let’s start with this list of 21 cars in no particular order.

Cars At Auto Expo 2023

1. Tata Avinya Electric MPV Concept


Tata showcased the Avinya electric car in 2022. The Avinya will get Tata’s 3rd generation electric car platform. Currently, Tata don’t even have any car on sale with their 2nd generation electric car platform. So, this is too far into the future. You can learn more about this car at the following link:

2023 Auto Expo - Tata To Showcase Avinya EV Concept

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2. Maruti Suzuki Electric SUV Concept

Maruti Electric Concept SUV

Maruti Suzuki have a tradition of showcasing a concept at every auto expo. For the 2023 edition, Maruti Suzuki have confirmed that they will bring an electric SUV concept. While the car may not go on sale till 2025, the expo will give us a close look at the design language Maruti Suzuki are likely to take for their Rs. 25.0 lakh - Rs. 30.0 lakh car.

3. Hyundai Ioniq 6 Electric Sedan

ioniq 6

Hyundai recently confirmed that they will showcase the Ioniq 6 electric coupe/sedan at the Auto Expo 2023. In a raging lineup of SUVs and crossover across all segments and price points, it’s refreshing to see a leading carmaker showcase a beautiful sedan for a change.

The Ioniq 6 is not likely to go on sale in India any time soon but it could launch in India if it spurs enough excitement among potential buyers at the Expo.

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4. Kia EV9 Concept Electric SUV


From electric SUVs to sleek electric sedan back to burly SUVs. The EV9 concept electric SUV is Kia’s attempt at making an electric car as big as the mighty Fortuner. The EV9 is a long way from entering production even for international markets.

2023 Auto Expo - Kia To Showcase EV9 SUV

5. Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Sedan


The Prius got a generation update recently and the new design is loud as usual for a Prius. The Prius is the poster car for hybrid technology even though it isn’t the bestselling hybrid car anymore. It’s nice to see that Toyota gave the Prius enough attention to timely update it with a design loud enough to attract eyeballs.

2023 Auto Expo - Toyota To Showcase Prius Sedan

6. Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Sedan


Besides the Prius, the Mirai is another green car coming to the Auto Expo. It also marked its presence at the last expo. The Mirai is Toyota’s hydrogen fuel-cell car and a demonstration of their grasp on this alternative fuel technology. The government of India is also pushing alternative fuels with PLI schemes and subsidising the production of green hydrogen.

2023 Auto Expo - Toyota To Showcase Mirai Sedan

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7. Hyundai Nexo Hydrogen Fuel-Cell SUV


Hyundai are another carmaker with a fuel-cell car on sale in the international markets. Just like the Mirai, the Nexo FCV also graced Hyundai’s stall at the 2020 Auto Expo and is making a comeback. However, without the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen, the Nexo can’t go on sale in India anytime soon.

2023 Auto Expo - Hyundai To Showcase Nexo SUV

8. Kia Sportage SUV


The Kia Sportage is another car that’s on sale in international markets. At the Auto Expo, Kia are only interested in showcasing their design expertise with the Sportage. This car is not likely to go on sale in India in the foreseeable future.

2023 Auto Expo - Kia To Showcase Sportage SUV

9. Kia Sorento SUV


Just like the Sportage, the Sorento is another SUV to really see the design capabilities of Kia. It’s also on sale in international markets but it’s not likely to come to India in the next few years.

2023 Auto Expo - Kia To Showcase Sorento SUV

10. MG HS Plug-in Hybrid Electric SUV

MG recently confirmed that they will showcase the HS plug-in hybrid electric vehicle at the Auto Expo. The HS is on sale in some international markets and it’s not going on sale in India anytime soon. It will showcase MG’s grasp on hybrid technology as it’s gaining traction in India because of mass-market cars like the Toyota Hycross, Hyryder and Maruti Nexa Grand Vitara.

2023 Auto Expo - MG To Showcase EHS Plug-In Hybrid SUV

11. MG Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Technology/Concept

hydrogen fuel cell

Just like the HS, the fuel-cell technology demonstration at the Auto Expo will further establish their grasp of other alternative propulsion systems. Because of the limited infrastructure for distribution of hydrogen, we can’t expect MG to bring a fuel-cell car to the Indian market in the coming years.

2023 Auto Expo: Upcoming Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

12. Tata Sierra


The Tata Sierra was present at the 2020 Auto Expo and it got several visitors nostalgic. For 2023, we expect to see it again but hopefully in a closer-to-production form than before. The curved rear glass window reminds us of the old Sierra diesel, which found few buyers back in the day.

Tata At Auto Expo 2023 - What You Can Expect To See

13. BYD E9 Electric Sedan


The BYD E9 is a luxurious electric sedan and we expect to see it at the expo. The showcase will not only help BYD demonstrate their design and engineering prowess but also gauge if it has a potential buyer base in India.

2023 Auto Expo - BYD To Showcase E9 Electric Sedan

14. BYD Atto4 Electric Sedan (BYD Seal)


The Atto4, or Seal, is another electric sedan we could see at the fair. Unlike the E9, which is a luxurious option, the Seal is a performance car for people who like to take the driver’s seat. For that reason, the Seal gets a rear-wheel drive layout by default but is also available with a 4-wheel drive option for maximum traction and performance.

If it engages enough expo visitors, then BYD may decide to bring it to India. But for now, the Atto4 doesn’t have a launch timeline.

BYD At Auto Expo 2023 - What You Can Expect To See

15. Toyota BZ4X Electric SUV


Enough with the hybrid and hydrogen technology. Toyota also have expertise in electric cars. The BZ4X showcases exactly that. It’s on sale in international markets but it doesn’t have a launch schedule for India yet.

2023 Auto Expo - Toyota To Showcase BZ4X Electric SUV

16. MG 4 Electric Hatchback


MG recently confirmed that they will bring the MG4 electric hatchback. Besides the electric propulsion, the MG4 will also highlight MG’s heat pump technology as highlighted by the teaser. Unlike resistor based cabin heating solutions, the heat pump is an energy-efficient way to keep the occupants warm. Currently, all mass-market EVs use a resistor-based radiator for cabin heating.

2023 Auto Expo - MG To Showcase MG4 Electric Hatchback

17. MG 5 Electric MPV


The MG5 is another electric car you will see at the Auto Expo 2023. It’s a strange option considering that it’s an MPV with a 5-seat layout. However, the BYD E6 is also equally strange and it’s already on sale.

If the 3rd row seating is the only thing visitors find missing in this MPV, then MG may add it before bringing it to India. Currently, there are no plans to add the MG5 to their India portfolio.

2023 Auto Expo - MG To Showcase MG5 Electric Estate

18. Tata Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology

Tata Hydrogen

Foreign automakers aren’t the only ones making hydrogen fuel-cell cars. Tata also recently confirmed with a teaser that they are working on hydrogen powertrain and they will showcase this expertise at the Auto Expo 2023.

Tata Likely To Showcase Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept At Auto Expo 2023

19. Maruti Suzuki WagonR Flex Fuel Hatchback

WagonR Flex Fuel

Hydrogen and electric cars aren’t the only ways to save the environment. Ethanol also helps cut down our dependence on fossil fuels and drastically cuts down greenhouse gas emissions.

The government is also encouraging the adoption of flex fuel and Maruti Suzuki are working towards that goal. They will make their entire portfolio E20 flex fuel compatible by the end of this financial year. Moreover, they will continue to work towards improving ethanol compatibility to achieve E85 flex fuel capabilities.

Maruti Suzuki To Make Entire Range E20 Flex Fuel Complaint By March 2023

Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R Flex Fuel Prototype Showcased

20. Toyota Corolla Flex Fuel Hybrid Sedan

Corolla Flex Fuel

Toyota are another carmaker in India working on flex-fuel compatibility. They will showcase their Corolla flex-fuel hybrid car at the Auto Expo 2023. Just like the WagonR flex fuel, the Corolla flex fuel is not on the cards for a launch in the near future.

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21. Hyundai Palisade


Just like the Kia EV9, the Palisade is another large SUV from the South Korean sister brands. However, unlike Kia’s large SUV coming to the expo, the Palisade runs on petrol and diesel engines and is on sale in some international markets. Just like the EV9, the Palisade also doesn’t have a launch timeline for the Indian market. If it attracts enough eyeballs at the Auto Expo, then the Fortuner might finally have a worthy rival in India.

2023 Auto Expo - Hyundai To Showcase Palisade SUV


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